New layout (might actually do it this year!)

Right, exactly a month 'til bonus time again and I actually want to get this sorted this year :roll:

This is a very basic layout (not schematic) of what I want on the front of the bass, hopefully my solder-monkey will know what resisitors/caps etc etc I need if any and where...

The design basically came from watching my own playing style I use the knobs as on/off switches and control tone with attack/hand position. Furthermore, I have a tendency to hit the split Pup's knob when I get excited :oops: So I plan to leave the front-most hole empty/blanked.

I want a 3-way switch a la Les Paul and a really low-profile volume knob which you have to make a concious effort to adjust, in an Ideal world I wouldn't have one at all but I think it may be useful for on-the-fly tweaks (I've never yet played at the same level in a sound-check as I do in the actual gig :roll: )

I'm thinking of getting the Alnico Kent Armstrong Split and matching Jazz. The rest will probably be Switchcraft stuff, should be about £100 all in I reckon.

Any thought's or opinions before I go for it...?

Oh, and I'm looking at a split-Pup cover (in black, obviously) too. And I still use Overwater stainless flats.

Thanks for trawling through all that! Tim.

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That's pretty straightforward for your solder-monkey, Tim and a cap only comes into it if a tone control is used. Like you, I rarely bother with tone controls on the guitar itself. Even though I like active basses, I like them for their low impedance and output rather than utilizing bowel-wobbling EQ. It's pretty similar to the Aria SLB setup, sans tone control and I find it much more gig-useful than vol and pan or (worst of the lot) two separate vols, as on the Jazz bass.

EDIT: Kent Armstrong are very good VFM and it's well worth spending on Switchcraft jack and CTS pots. For the effort you're putting in, saving a few pence on dur-dur parts is false economy. When I upgraded my Fenix Jazz, the Vintage 60s rear pup made surprisingly little difference but the pots and, especially, the reassuring BMW-like clunk of inserting the jack felt like money well spent.

Cheers, nice to have it all looked over by your good self.

That's what I dislike about my Aria atm (the only thing of course :) ) is having to blend 2 unmarked volume knobs, can't quite see how that could ever be practical?!

Just looking at the pictures of the Switchcraft stuff made me choose that route.
To be fair to Aria the standard jack has probably done over 10 years now, but for the last 9 I've been tightening it quite frequently!

i can second that on the Kent Armstrongs, they make excellent pick ups for the money.

Good to hear Lee, cheers!
The prices definitely seemed good and while I fancied some of the really tasty split-pups out there it seems difficult to find a nicely matched P/J set.

If Kent Armstrong's P+J pups don't come with covers (they probably do) then they're an easy get from Allparts and eBay.

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