Epiphone Casino bridge pickup has weak signal

I bought one of the new Epiphone Casinos in September and at first the output signals from the two pickups were equal, but now the bridge pickup is half as loud. I have to roll the neck pickup back to '5" so that both are equal in volume when I want to switch back and forth.

What is that all about?

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Could be a bit of git this one, have you tried taking pups and wiring out of a casino before? it's like painting your hallway walls through your letterbox.
you really need to check the wiring, Ive never heard of a pickup failing before so i would head for the volume/tone pots, you have to do all this through the 'F' holes... a steady hand, plenty of patience and a couple of paracetamol would be handy.

I'm to pick it up at the shop today.

We'll see how it goes.

how did it go?

I'm curious too. Since ordering new Seymore Duncan '59's for my Epi I've been doing an enormous amount of reading about pick-ups.

I didn't realize it was that much of a science, really. I'm an electronics tech by trade, but I didn't realize all of the sonic intricasies of pick-up theory and design.

I was originally going to install Gibson PAF '57's, but they weren't in stock.

I have a pair of 'Pearly gates' and they are excellent, i have them on a Tokai LP copy, well worth the money.

They're more known for their bass pups and electronics, but Bartolini's site (and particularly the section on selecting pickups) told me so much I never knew about the science. The bit about exactly why the Jazz bass has its bridge pup placed where it is was like reading Rutherford's notes on firing alpha particles at gold foil and some of them coming straight back at him. A real pup connoiseur's website.

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