Need advice for arranging my pedal board...

My pedals are currently arranged in this order:

1. MXR Line Driver / Noise Gate 2. 7band EQ 3. Dual Overdrive 4. Auto Wha 5. Tuner / Power Supply 6. Chorus 7. Phaser.

Does this seem right to you? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. BTW -I use my effects lightly and only to accentuate certain parts of different songs. Sh!t in, sh!t out. If you can't play, there aren't enough effects in the world to save you.

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I also need advice on how to properly speak and spell the English language. FOR, that is.

autowah/wah should be near the guitar, the rest looks ok, genraly you should set distortions before modulation which is what you have.

Maybe some people havent got this URL, but its a good site on different pro setups:

The real cop-out is "what sounds best to you" reply, which I've just done :P . HST, any noise filter (if it works) I would put after most of the FX - certainly after the OD. The tuner has to take a clean. Can I suggest yet another box? I have a four-splitter ( that is very useful if you have enough amp-inputs and /or FX devices. A lot depends on what you want to do/overcome. I'm never happy with pure OD, so the 4-sp gives me OD + clean. Might not be so important for other users, but I had a helluva job finding signal splitters so I just thought I'd mention one of them (ABY pedals might suit someone better).

Try this order, see what you think: Guitar -> Tuner-> Dual Overdrive -> Auto-wah -> Phaser -> Chorus -> EQ -> Line Drive/Noise Gate -> amp

I agree with terry. That's almost the same order as me.

Also looks good to me too Terry.

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