Taylor Les Paul?

Hi guys. It's a while since I was here with my old CMI Strat. Now I have a query and I'm hoping someone here can answer my question.

I have been given a guitar and on the headstock it says "TAYLOR Custom".
It's a Les Paul shape with the thinnest neck I've ever come across, 20 Frets and 2 Mackenzie pups.
The body is Les Paul style in natural wood but I don't know what kind.
It looks pretty old to me. I'll sort out some photos as soon as I can.
Cheers :)

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I think this is probably a Taylor / Junk hybrid. I reckon someone got hold of a Taylor neck and stuck it on a miscellaneous body. I'll have a mess around and see what I can make of it, you never know, it could be a nice player :)
Some better pics to follow.

Hi again

It's in my shed at the moment and I've had a play around with it.

First, nothing worked but all I did was soak the electrics with switch cleaner and I'm getting sound from it now. No way to judge sound quality in the shed as it's plugged into one of those micro-amps that run off a 9Volt PP3!

The neck is the thinnest and narrowest thing I've ever seen. I've put a set of strings on and there's hardly enough space to make a chord shape. You need tiny hands to play this baby.

It could be an acoustic neck.
Taylor have denied all knowledge of this instrument. I believe it may indeed have come off an old Taylor 3/4 or even 1/2 size acoustic, but the body? I'm no guru so I don't know what wood it is but it's heavy. At least as heavy as my Tanglewood TSB58

There was string buzz played open, that was because what looks like a truss cover isn't, it's just decorative. (It doesn't have a truss rod). But it lifted the middle four strings enough that they were buzzing on the Fret Zero (did you notice the Fret Zero?).

The tailpiece looks home made and is screwed to a wooden block which is glued and screwed to the body. The tailpiece screws were not very long and the block has split, so when you put strings on it all begins to lift. I've replaced the screws with ones long enough to go through the block and into the body so now it's stable.

This will be an on/off job so I'll post the odd update as and when I get around to doing a it more. I'll post a couple side-on pictures and some measurements and if I can fit my fingers into the fret board dimensions I'll do a video of me playing it - that'll be a laugh.

Laters :)

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