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And will you be charging that $10 "admin" fee that you failed to mention on SMM and most other web forums?

(Edit - following added):
"Due to our work with associated industry professionals we cannot represent talent that does not meet our quality standards therefore our services are only available to those artists who have passed our review criteria. Additional information can be accessed below."

The review which of course costs $29.99 US dollars.

Please list your credentials for charging such a fee?

Also on this page: of which you are a division as you claim, you state the same information.

This is more obsence then the previous $10 thin air fee which was charged.

Like others have said, what is your acceptance to rejection ratio for submissions or as you now call them "reviews"?

You have taken the time to post here and we have taken the the time to look, so please answer your critics questions.

As far as I can make out, the organisations in the above links are not in any way related to the extremely well-known International Management Group (IMG), the people who lay on major sporting events and also represent the interests of rather well-paid athletes and (for want of a better phrase) "sports superstars". Nor do they appear to be related to IMG Artists, who handle worldwide cultural and arts performances.

Of course, feel free to correct me but otherwise it's best not to assume that signing up will have you rubbing shoulders with Tiger Woods. The Killers and Maroon 5 are mentioned as previously spotlighted. Do IMG Management represent these acts, and played a part in securing their recording and publishing deals? If so, that sort of track record ought to be better featured on your sites.

Interesting point bass... and they appear about as much related as I am related to Billy Joels left nut.

Where are you seeing The killers/Maroon 5 info?

But hey.. if this IMG wants to show us wrong.. by all means...

Mentioned halfway down this page:

and June 2005's spotlighted act is Sum 41, with a link to Island's Sum 41 page. Again, though, there is no mention of the above people representing or having secured Sum 41 their deal with Island.

Call me cynical, but it's a pretty easy task to "spotlight" an act which may lead some to believe that this IMG 'handles' the well-known act. Absolutely no such claim is made. Their "under construction" list of artists curiously neglects to mention them, focusing instead on people I have never heard of.

For legal reasons, I should point out that Michael makes no claim to ever having 'handled' Billy Joel's left nut.

Has that "Jacko" thread been wiped yet? :P

Ah yes I see now... thanks for pointing that out....

And your right. No mention of them actually stating they conducted any business with them.

If they really were artists you had managed, I'd have those two and Simple Plan shining like a beacon off the front page. My guess is the closest this lot have come to them is winning tickets to a concert off a radio station.

- Billy Joel Disclaimer much appreciated :)

Sorry I do not need management, I watch Dr Phil!

A finely-tuned self-managed man... the women must adore you Buls.

Not so finely tuned Michael, I am 50 and had my 3rd guitar lesson last Tuesday! I have been collecting guitars for a number of years but never learned to play. My wife said "learn or I will burn the bloody things". Enough said OK.

'Burn the bloody things' ?? surely not, she doesnt know whats shes saying, its like a line from a horror movie..

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