Posting Pics on "Guitarsite"

So, you've taken a pic of your pride 'n' joy and want to put it on Guitarsite for a discussion? Or maybe found some laughable old plank that you want to put up without going through a URL link? Here's how:

If a pic is on the web already; easy. Just right-click on the pic, click on 'properties' and you'll get the URL of the image. Select this, copy (ctrl+c) then go back to your message. Click on "Img" button, then paste it (ctrl+v), then click on Img* button, et voila! The pic is in your post.

Your own digipic is slightly more complicated, but just follow the steps. Remeber, a website (like this one) can't just read it from your hard drive. You don't really want us to look at your hard drive do you? Here's what you do:

Upload your '59 LP/ '62 Strat/ '04 Stagg pic(s) onto the Web. You can use or for free. You will have to register and come up with a password, but that's all. It's free because they hope you'll order photos from them (yeah, right :lol: ).

Once you've done that, you now have your pics on the web. Just like the above, right-click on the pic, click on 'properties' and you'll get the URL of the image. Select this, copy (ctrl+c) then go back to your message. Click on "Img" button, then paste it (ctrl+v), then click on Img* button, et voila! The pic is in your post.

Sounds complicated, but it isn't too bad. Any probs; just post a "Bass is talking rubbish" reply here and I'll try to help.

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Great post 1bl.

May I also suggest as another free alternative for quick image hosting. One benefit for new users is that they even provide compatible PHP BB code once you have uploaded your pic for you to copy and paste here. Very simple.

And, as an example, here's a couple of my amps. Images posted here from my "Imagestation" account:

And I've just found out it's best to copy the URL of the pic first, then use the "IMG" button here, paste the link, then click the "*IMG" button.

Let me know if yours doesn't work.

Wheres my magnifying glass? :lol:
are you sure it's an amp? from here it looks like a MXR Phaser, can you do an example of a bigger picture using the procedure described? :shock:

:lol: Those pics are the "thumbnails". Unlike some people here, I try not to soak up bandwidth just to make a point :wink: . BBscript is pretty simple and doesn't (AFAIK) allow for image manipulation. The pic size you select is the one you get. TBH, I wish posters would remember this. A wide pic s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s the whole page of the thread, which means that readers have to use the left/right bar at the bottom to read each post. very tedious.

Anyhoo, I've clicked on one of the Imagestation thumbs to bring up the bigger picture. Not, this time, a dull faceplate but the CMI's wide-open porn shot:

demonstrating its 1959 circuit creds. Whereas the contemporary Marshall superlead/bass MkII version was PCB, the CMI off-shoot retained the pre-'72 tag-board and p2p wiring. Jolly nice it sounds too. While I'm here, I might as well do the money shot of the Laney Super PA:

A 12AX7 for each input. Without touching the tonestacks, I got a different sound for each channel just by varying the preamp tube. The ine up of pre-tubes is now (1) CV4024 (2) GE 5751 blackplate (3) GE 7025 (4) Mullard ECC83 and 5+6 have been modified to overdrive a Yugoslav Ei and a Chinese groove Tube, respectively. I mean to get around to the tonestacks, though.

Got my mouth watering there bass, how much did you pay for it? i bet it sounds like a real little minx..

Speaking of which, have you made me "sticky", Lee :shock: . Not a bad idea; the "how do I post a pic?" does come up intermittently.

Anyhoo, the amps. The CMI I bought for £65 in 1981, when valve amps were in every seedy, 2nd hand shop down the backstreets. All I knew then was that it sounded the biz. I found out the "Marshall Superlead/bass" story ten years later when I was working for "Making Music" as a freelancer. I last saw a 50W on Fleeb go for £575.

The Laney is more interesting (for bargain hunters). The PA 100 Super I bought July 2004 for £107 off the Fleeb. It's basically the same circuit as an (Handel "Hallejuhah!" chorus) Iommi-favoured Supergroup. A guitar amp Supergroup is several hundred, but these PAs regularly appear for sub-£150. The phrase "valve PA" is a massive turn-off, as valve amps frankly stink as vocal PAs. So, ("dur!") use them for guitar. The main reason I got it is because the seller listed it as six channels, 4xEL34 and 8xECC83 (aka 12AX7).

Given that one would be the phase inverter (or driver) and one would be the mixer, that left a 12AX7 for each individual input channel. Aye carumba, a different preamp tube for each channel! I do like the CMI best for that typical Superlead/bass sound, but the Laney is more versatile. I haven't even played around with the six tonestacks yet (apart from an OD mod to channels 5+6). I know of a 200W valve amp that pulls an even better trick, but I'm keeping my mouth shut. I blabbed on a vintage forum and suddenly Fleeb jokers put silly reserves on them.

I'm patient though. Like Wayne's World, "Some day, she will be mine".

Sound city by any chance??

Along the right lines, but Sound City are very talked about and highly priced, now. Even the MkIV, and I can't see the point in £$£ for one of those. I'll reveal all on the mod's forum.

hey all, i have a request for 1bassleft, i got given a laney super pa head that i want to modify in similar ways to what you have done but it has a burnt out resistor in the power supply section and i cant tell it's value, is there any chance you could take a pic of the underside of the amp for me? there are two resistors next to the power supply cap's, i think they are for powering the preamp section of the amp. my amp works fine except the preamp section is dead so any help would be apreciated. also you say your amp uses 8 x ECC83? mine has 7 x ECC83 and an ECC82. think it is useing the ECC82 as phase splitter, i'll try an ECC83 in there and see what the difference is after i get it up and running. any help would be greatly apreciated.
many thanks in advance,

Hello Owen,

Here is a picture of the spaghetti side of the Laney Super PA:

There are also pics on a useful site, House-of-Jim; Although my amp just shows up as "x" boxes, you can still click on them and they will appear in a new window. The featured Supergroup is very similar, as far as the power section goes, so you might find this site useful anyway. Also, you can send me a private message with your email address and I can send you the original jpeg so that you can zoom in. I'm afraid the camera was a 1megapixel job, so only a limited number of zooms will be of use.

Your amp is as standard (BTW, the funny looking silver box near my inputs is just some shielding around the FX send/return), with the six input ECC83s, another ECC83 as mixer and the original ECC82 as the phase inverter. The previous owner replaced it with an 83 and, although I have a number of 82s around, I replaced it with an 83 I had which I knew to have balanced triodes.

As the PI is not part of the gain circuit, exchanging the 82 for an 83 makes no difference in output. The 82 should 'tighten up' the sound and I really ought to put one back in as I use it for bass. For a guitar player, the 83 might make it less controlled and clean-sounding, and this might be preferred by the individual.

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