ok, my guitar was on the stand and i tried to move the stand with it on it and it fell face forward onto the carpet i was wondering could that of damaged the pickups in anyway?

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I think the pups are the least of your worries!!, they are like the cockroaches of the guitar survival world, you accidently drop your guitar in a huge waste disposal unit, and guess the only thing that comes out intact? yep the pickups :lol:
I would be more worried about the neck and headstock, did it crack the headstock? has the action been raised a little?? ouch, the falling forward off the guitar stand is a real cringer for me, but also check out the heel of the guitar where it meets the body, any damage there? hope it all checks ok.

the finish on it is black so i cant see the wood grain but from the outside there is no cracks. not even a dent in the finish. do you think there could be a crack in the wood that i could not see?

I dont think there are any internal cracks, usualy they would show through to the finnish, and if the finnish has no cracks anywhere, and the action and intonation plays straight and true, then i think you have had a lucky escape.

oh, ok, thanks, so nothing should be wrong with my pickups?

As Lee, I think not. If anything, I'd just check the headstock area (especially on an angled headstock). If it looks OK, then everything's fine. Just part of the 'tour-wars' gig-damage that gives an axe some kudos. :)

ok, thanks

don't worry, man i've dropped my hollowbody on tiles heaps of time and it's a hollow body, a few lil scratches here and there but meh, it all adds to the character anyway! :D

oh, lol, ok thanks

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