Two-string bass "inspired by aliens"!

"The E and the A string is all a bass player should need to do the job properly. If you want to play fancy stuff on the skinny strings then you should be playing lead guitar. I also have another standard bass that I have pulled the d and g strings off the guitar but it has no impact live like this beast."

So speaks bassist Cary Moore of the band Pouring Rain, who would appear to be from new Zealand.

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:lol: , Well, I play a 5-string - so whaddoIknow? Looking at it, I see the point(s). No need for the D and G, but that setup certainly comes in handy for drying shirts for work next morning. Just drop them over, et voila! No ironing required.

You'll think I'm mickeying, but this bit is true. I once saw a two-string bass (about a year ago) on Fleeb listed as left footed. That's right, the idea was you peeled the socks off and plucked with the left piggies that hadn't gone to market, and fretted with the right piggies that had also rejected the capitalist system in favour of laying down a groove.

It was so barmy, I actually put a bid in but got out-done by some (frankly, silly) bidders. I wish I'd saved it all for future historians but, believe me, it really was out there. My right foot's going through scales even as I type.

Ah didn't see you had posted this before I popped it in "And Finally..." yesterday GL - would have given you the credit for pointing it out.

That thing could certainly take an eye out on stage :shock:

Had to be from the southern half of the world, New Zealand?? isnt that where you are from Mike? , well New Zealand-Australia it's all the same country is'nt it? :lol: neither of them can play Cricket or Rugger :lol: :lol:


Just you wait :P

:lol: nudge nudge.. hey what ever happened to the very annoying youngwasp?? do you think he is still lurking out there somewhere??

Well if he is... he should speak up :)

Differences aside - he knew a fair bit. Even if he came up against some pretty strong criticism.

Likewise for Dwight - he won't have to worry about any delayed messages now, I'd like to see him return.

We know where 1bl is - but where are folks like Bulsara at the moment - surely they can't all be holidaying :)

I Mailed Dwight a couple of weeks ago inviting him back but he said he was too busy, but he did say he was going to return someday.. Bulsara just wanted the Glory of the millionth post or whatever it was.. :lol:
i think you should strip him of his title and put it back up for grabs :lol:

Good to hear about Dwight...

Haha Buls might see that and pipe up now :)

Bulsara has gone to greener pastures, probably Harmony Central discussion board, that guy on the 2 string definatly looks Australian, look at his eyes, they are saying 'England are going to take back this Ashes!'
roll on thursday.. :twisted:

never heard of that. It looks kickass. How much did it cost?

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