painting a guitar

I just got a guitar not to long ago and i dont like the color of it.. i would like to paint it.. but i dont know how to or what paint to use.. is there a special type of paint you must use and a special way you must paint it?

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Hello Jimmy, welcome in.

This is the best place to go,

It's a mine of info in itself, but also has useful links. You'll have a blemish-free butterscotch blonde before you know it :) . Hope this is helpful (it was to me).

Car paint is good, ive had some good results using it.
you need to rub down the guitar get all the old paint off, get a tin of primer, and spray and even coat, get some 800-1000 grit carbide paper and rub down between coats (about 6 coats should do it, and make sure the coats a properly dry) spray on your top coloured coat (8 coats) and again rub down each coat, you are looking to get all the roughness of the paint and trying to get it flat and even, then spray on the laquer i did about 8 coats on mine, but i could have done with more, on my final coat i rubbed down using the 1000 grit and then used a rubbing compound like T-Cut, and then used a car wax polish and buffed it up with a soft cloth, to a high gloss, you should get a good result, one tip, always spray in a dust free enviroment, but make sure it is well ventilated.
Good luck.

thnx, i think im probly gonna stick with the car paint and sanding or w\e u wanna call it

Most important Jim, take your time with it, dont expect to have it done in a hour, take a good few days, let the coats dry and sand down lightly. Let us know how you get on.

i actually just got done sanding down the first 2 layers of paint... the person i bought it from painted it and didnt sand down the old paint so i just got done getting rid of his paint he put on it and that took me a good 3 hours... with no breaks.. man my fingers are sore! lol

you know you can use a medium coarse paper to take the paint off then a fine to flatten it before you put on the primer?

There is one good piece of advice from reranch. Don't use your hands for sanding. Use a block, and/or a small battery. Otherwise, you'll apply uneven pressure and end up with undulations.

ya, thats what i was using

Post us a few pics if you can Jimmy. Alot of folks here would be interested in taking a look at a few shots throughout the process.

this may seem like a stupid question to u ppl that have been on here longer ( i just started this like yesterday) but how do u post pics???

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