Flange on Pulse of the Maggots Line 6

Am using Podxtlive can duplicate the rest of the Pulse sound but am having trouble setting up either a bank for the flange or a mod setting for the flange

I have tried the square, line6, and jet flange settings and Jet comes closest but there's obvioulsy something else like perhaps a delay setting with infinite repeat or perhaps something else that I need to get that sound because I cannot quite acheive it.

Anyone aware of what setting to play with on this or what effects to use to accomplish this particular flange riff at the beginning of Pulse of the Maggots? Not a big Slipknot fan or anything I just think its a neat sound and am frustrated at whits end trying to nail that sound down.

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Any suggestions Bass? pity Wordbank master rebater YoungWasp isnt around, he would had a comment or 2, out of interest apologist, how do you rate the PodXTlive? i was having a serious think about one, i have a Boss ME50 at the moment, but find the Distortions a little bit fizzy and lifeless.

Apologies, I'm not a Podser, so I can't help. Anyone else?

Well hopefully someone soon can inform me of the settings for either the pod or other mod settings or what have to obtain that unique flange sound ..

Concerning the podxtlive .. I love it but don't like too many of the preset sounds that include gain with the exception of Eruption(though I add the stomp on thatone to gain a bit more edge using EQ'd tube overdrive) and I tweeked the reverb a bit to get it to sound virtually like the original .. also Bohemian Rhapsody with wah on is great and so is the Run like Hell preset though again I add a tad more gain and sustain to it.

Now the coolest thing about the pod is that unlike some other floor rigs this puppy doesn't loose its testicular fortitude when cranked .. though perhaps this depends on just what you're cranking it through .. I use the studio direct setting because it uses the A.I.R. settings where I can tweak mike setups and room size and what cabinet I wanna use and just either power amp it or run the PODxtLive right through the club mixing board and use the PA for my speakers .. and it is very impressive .. massive gain and no hissing so long as your mixing guy knows what he's doing and runs you line in not miked ..

It has it's short comings but its the best thing on the floor on a low budget IMO you can buy.

I'm real picky about gain settings .. I mean real real pick. If it doesn't saturate and sing then I get frustrated and toss it .. this pod can get anything from Duane Eddy .. to Al Dimeola Acoustic sounds to Slipknot and Metallica and all points in between ..add a variax guitar and it opens up even more possibilites.

I hate to sound like an add campaign but I if you know how to tweak settings and edit it'll do just about anything you want whtithin reason of course as I have disovered in the process of attempting to get that flange sound.

Mate you have prob already looked but here a few quick links to the line 6 forums in regards to flanger setting questions that may or may not be of any help...

Flanger question on the XT

Hard tremolo and Flanger

Flanger settings ala Van Halen???

Apologist, thanks for your review, and I hope Mike's links help. As a collector of possible Prog-rock song titles, can I say your thread header would make a perfect title for a 25 minute song featuring Steve Howe, Greg Lake and 70s Hawkwind discards? I just love the possibilities...

Links no help and unfortunately it seems no where I look can I find anyone who knows what settings may've been used on any equipment pod or otherwise. :wink:

I'll try to ensure that each new thread I start contains just such catchey snappy titles .. :D

Now of course I am going to wind up redoubling my efforts to find out how this sound is acheived .. though I seem to be getting closer fiddling with a tape echo..jet flange combo .. if, or should I say when, I find out just how this is done I will let you know the settings too.

Still no luck on the Knot Flange thang .. but got a great Slash tone from appetite mimicking that dirty Marshall silver Jubilee sound .. and when messing with a clean sound got a nice funky autowah sound with a flangy chorus delay vibe to it .. anyone with podxt live Ill be happy to give ya the settings if ya want it ...fun to goof around with and jam.

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