Paul Anka Swings

Or, perhaps, Paul :!: Anka Sings.

Like the best of blues intros, I woke up this morning... Well, I sortof rolled over a bit, but I distinctly heard an ad on TV for a new Paul Anka album, "Rock Swings". Bad dream... Paul Anka... crooning... "With the lights out, we're less dangerous.. here we are now..."

THEN I WOKE UP AND REALIZED I WASN'T DREAMING :shock: There's worse. I gather Mudhoney's "Black Hole Sun" and (this bit must be really funny) EVH's "Jump" get the swing treatment. For me, it's late - I've eaten cheese - I'm going to have nightmares anyway but, for the other timezones, this link's a start:

Now, I've got a deal. Pop/rock singers should not do big band/swing. Brits are the worst culprits, so Lee and I shall get out cricket bats and dissuade Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams etc from even thinking "Girls watch the boys, watch the girls watch the boys who watch the..." WHACK -we'll hit them.

In return, if our chums across the pond could get the baseball bats out... Locate Mr Anka and 'dissuade' him from any further atrocities, OK?

Just so they don't feel left out, Aussie chums Mike and Jason can grab a cricket bat (try holding the black, cylindrical bit wrapped in tape and use the wooden, wedgy shaped bit for hitting things) and move in on INXS with their new singer :P

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"...including Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit..."

I just don't know what to say other than I wish it was just another one of your "Anka at your neighbours swinger party" dreams again.

What I heard in my demi-slumber was indeed "Anka Spirit". It was blimmin' horrendous. Too seriously up its buttocks to be even regarded as funny. Nightmare. Dare anyone to link to an audio or (shudder) video clip?

From Ankas website:

Rock Swings" music ringtones are now available for sale!
-Eye of the tiger
-It's a sin
-Love cat
-Smells like teen spirit
-Tears in Heaven

EYE OF THE TIGER??????!!?!


Old coot probably has done a swing cover of Crazyfrog.

"Ding ding OooooHHHHH

Lets do the crazy froogg OHhhHHHHH

Ding ding OHHHHHhhhhHH

A Brem Brem OHHHHH

A ram da am da am da am da weeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

for those brave enough -

have a listen for free

Please, I implore all regs to check that link. Wear incontinence pads. I must buy this album, for sure. The "True" cover works, because Spandau Ballet were a bunch of fake, medallion wearers in any case. "Teen Spirit" is ultra-weird, sure, but... the outandout winner is "Jump".

For anyone who knows Glenn Miller, this is like "Pennysylvania 65-JUMP". Serves Dave Lee Roth right, of course. I love it - serious or not, I'm going back for another listen. Hysterical.

This summer, drop anchor and sit back and relax with the Very Best of Paul Anka Swings.

Featuring classic songs such as Paul doing a crooner car alarm, the ever popular swing sandpaper on wood, and who could forget the number #12 smash hit, Paul's delightful rendition of a food blender.

Buy it for Christmas, buy it for friends, what ever you do, just make sure you buy, the Very Best of Paul Anka Swings. In stores now!

Ive been listening to tracks off of this album over the past month on our local radio, and for me the judges are still out, im not into swing, dont own a single swing record but ive heard 'teen spirit' and 'Jump' and they make a good transition into swing, i think if you are going to cover a song then you need to total rearrange it, which is what he did, and im still umming and arring about it. What exactly is the problem with it? is it the concept? or Anka that you dont like? on the other hand what about Johnny Cash and his last CD American IV the man comes around, there were plenty of covers on that record, (U2's 'One' was better than the original) but done in his country style and i really worked.

Whilst i don't personally enjopy it - or hate the guy - I just find beyond hilarious and sort of borderline sad. William Shatner could do it but it entered parody. Anka just looks like a old man trying to well.. I don't know what the heck he's trying. Pay off a new speed boat?

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