Kemper Profiler Version 2.0 Update

The Kemper Profiler gets another update, now with improved pitch shifting, better preset handling and more rigs.

Kemper Profiler

The version 2.0 update introduces new innovative effects and usability improvements, with the help of the expertise of Access Virus.

Pitch Shifting FX

This update welcomes a collection of new polyphonic Pitch Shifting FX, featuring innovative technology that according to Kemper Amps - will match, if not outdo, the most expensive pitch shifter units in the market today.

Pure Tuning

To solve the problem of fizzy and noisy chords when pitch shifting, Christoph Kemper and his team came up with Pure Tuning. When engaged, this technology aligns all pitch shifted notes so that the harmonics line up as well. This removes the garble and noise problem, and at the same time adds rich harmonic content to the shifted notes. The end result are more natural sounding pitch shifted notes. See and hear for yourself how Pure Tuning makes a difference:

Kemper Profiler

Formant Shift

Another problem with pitch shifting is that it adversely affects the "formant" or character of guitar sounds. This results in in chipmunks-like tone that sounds unnatural and thin. The new Formant Shift option compensates and corrects this issue, which means that your tone remains intact as you vary the pitch. Another cool thing about the Formant Shift is that you can control it using an expression pedal, which gives you real-time control over the character of your guitar sound. Here is another demo that focuses on the Formant Shift feature:

Performance Improvements

The new update brings improved preset handling via the new Performance Mode. It is a tool for organizing "rigs" for quick access during performances. There are a total of 125 "performances" available, with each one able to hold up to five rigs. With this, you can store presets dedicated to various parts of a song which you can conveniently switch to via a foot controller. Kemper also implemented practical features that were requested by users. An example they provided is automatically activating Tuner mode when the Volume Control Pedal is put down to zero.

Custom Foot Controller Support

Kemper announced that they are working with manufacturers of foot controllers, they hope to provide Profiler users with more control choices. The new update makes the Profiler amp compatible with upcoming foot controller releases from companies like FAMC Liquid Foot, UnO 4 Kemper, and others.

More Rigs

This software update will not be complete without offering more rigs and presets. A new Amp Factory Rig pack is now available, along with pitch shifter rigs and presets. Version 2.0 also comes with Rig Pack 04 and Keith Merrow Signature Rigs. Below is the list of amps that the Kemper factory profiles are based on:

"65 Amps London, 65 Amps Tupelo, Ampeg Reverbrocket 2, Ampeg VT-40, BadCat Tone Cat, Blackstar SeriesOne 45, Blackstar Artisan 15, Bogner Ecstasy, Bugera 6260 Infinium Head, Carol-Ann 002, Carr Slant 6V, Custom Audio Electronics OD-100, Diezel Einstein, Diezel Herbert MK II, Divided by 13 RSA23,Dr. Z Carmen Ghia, Egnater Rebel 20, Engl Ritchie Blackmore Signature, EVH 5150, Evil Robot, Fargen Retro, Fender Bassman 50, Fender Bassman 59, Fender Bassman 62, Fender Bassman Blackface, Fender Bassman Blackface 65 (Siggi Mehl Tuning), Fender Blues Junior, Fender Champ, Fender Deluxe 65 Reverb, Fender Deluxe 69, Fender Princeton 61, Fender Princeton 65, Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Twinolux EC, Fender Vibro Champ, Fender Vibro-King, Framus Cobra, Fuchs ODS 30, Gibson Goldtone, Groove Tubes Soul-o 75, Hiwatt Custom 100, Hughes & Kettner Statesman, Kitty Hawk Eagle Series 2002, Laney Ironheart IRT120 Head, Lee Jackson XLS-1000, Leslie 145, Marshall 1987, Marshall JMP 1974, Marshall JCM 25/50, Marshall JCM 800, Marshall JCM 2000, Marshall JTM 45, Marshall Super Bass 100, Marshall Super Lead Plexi, Marshall TLS 60, Matchless Chieftain, Matchless HC-30, Matchless VC-30, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Mesa Boogie Mark II, Mesa Boogie Mark IV, Mesa Boogie Roadking, Mesa Boogie Stiletto, Mesa Boogie Triaxis, Morgan Dual 40, Mountain Amp, One Stone Ludwig, Orange Rockerverb 50, Orange Thunder 200, Peavey 5150 (Signature) Head, Reinhardt Mini-Me, Reinhardt Storm 33, Rhodes Colossus H-100 Head, Roland JC-120, SansAmp Bass Driver DI, Selmer Zodiac Twin Fifty Truevoice, Seymour Duncan Convertible 100 Head, Siggi Mehl 50, Siggi Mehl 100, Silvertone 1481, Silvertone Twin Twelve 1484, Soldano Hot Rod 50 Plus, Soldano SLO100, Steavens 39, Steavens Poundcake, Steavens Poundcake MK II, Tech21 Sansamp, Tone King Imperial, Top Hat Emplexador 50, Traynor Custom Valve 40, Tube Thomsen, Two-Rock Jet, Valve Train 416, Valvetech 25, Vox 1975 AC 15, Vox AC 30"

If you think the list of amps above are exhaustive, you should know that you can add more to that list by "profiling" amps of your choice, or by trading "profiles" with other owners. The Kemper Profiler Amp is currently retailing for $1,975. For more information about this firmware update or if you want to learn more about the Kemper Profiler, you can visit Kemper Amps.

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