Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25

Mesa Boogie introduces the new Recto-Verb 25 guitar amp, a 2-channel combo/head tube amp with built-in reverb.

Recto-Verb 25

This amp is based on the Mini Rectifier 25 Head, having the same wide range gain, with the added benefit of tube driven reverb.

At the core of the amp are six 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL-84 power tubes fitted into a custom designed circuit that features Multi-Watt technology. This proprietary design allows you to switch between two power levels with different wiring configurations. Each channel has its own 10/25 Watt power switches.

To cover as much tonal ground as possible, the two channels are designed to be fully independent and feature four "Style Modes". Channel 1 will let you pick between "Clean" or "Pushed" Modes. These two modes covers clean to mid-gain tones, ideal for pop, country and blues. Channel 1 is also ideal for maximizing the built-in reverb of the amp.

Channel 2 starts off where the other left with "Legendary Vintage" or "Modern High Gain" Modes. These serves as a playground for rock and metal players, covering everything from crunch to all-out high gain. Both channels provide independent controls for gain, 3-band EQ, presence, reverb and master volume.

As the name implies, the Recto-Verb 25 is equipped with a long-spring reverb. Each channel has a separate reverb knob and has an external switching jack.

To give you a good idea of the Recto-Verb 25's versatility, Mesa Boogie uploaded a number of videos to cover various tones, you can watch the videos here:

Other features include an all-tube buffered effect loop section, fixed biass design and it comes with a channel footswitch controller. The amps are handmade exclusively in Mesa Boogie's facility at Petaluma, California and they utillize an Aluminum chassis to protect the internal components while keeping the weight manageable. The standard finish is Black Taurus, and you get to pick between cream and black weave cloth or black jute grille.

Recto-Verb 25

Mesa Boogie summarizes: "The lush tube-driven Reverb widens the sound and sweetens the attack just a bit, increasing its versatility and appeal for players who favor lower to medium gain in their style. But don’t fret... for those into heavier tones the trademark Recto sounds are all here and completely authentic. So whether you’re rockin’ out or putting the immense versatility of this new Recto’s four Modes to task on a variety of styles, you’ll find inspiration and a huge fun-factor in these exciting, super-portable 1x12 Combo and Head packages."

The Recto-Verb 25 combo comes with a 12" Filmore 75 speaker and has a price tag of $1,249, the head version is expected to sell for $1,099. The amps are scheduled for release on December. You can visit Mesa Boogie for more information.

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