New ToneVille Custom Amps

ToneVille Amplifiers welcome four retro style custom tube amps - the Sunset Strip, Beale St, Broadway and Rio Grande.

Three combo amps and one reverb amp head make up the new comers, featuring retro-inspired designed with different sizes and power ratings.

ToneVille describes the new combo amps as "built to last forever", with the amp and tube circuitry secured inside a 1/8" thick custom-made aluminum chassis. The cabinets are also rock solid, built from selected black walnut and hardmaple. The cabinets also feature dovetailed joints for stability and style.

The manufacturer further adds "...using only the very best of the new old stock tubes, every single component of the amp is over-engineered to meet the highest quality standards, sound isn’t colored with reverb or added effects, just pure, marvelous tone."

Common Features of the new combo amps include:

  • Handwired Tube circuitry

  • Master push/pull knob for driving the tubes at low volume.

  • Mid-range control lets you completely bypass the EQ circuit.

  • A custom ToneVille knob for "negative feedback".

  • G12H30 Celestion speakers

ToneVille Sunset Strip
ToneVille Beale St.
ToneVille Broadway
Rio Grande

Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is the smallest among the combo amps, featuring a 10 Watt tube driven amplifier. It is described as having a tweed like clean and can also produce break-up sounds. Tubes used include 1-Mullard 12AX7, 1-RCA BP 6L6GC, and 1-RCA BP 5Y3GT. The price tag for this amp is $1,995.

Beale St.

The Beale St. is the middle child among the new amp siblings, carrying a 15 Watt tube driven amplifier. It is based off a popular '60s era American amplifier and is designed to produce plenty of crunch while retaining sweet cleans. ToneVille describes this as ideal for blues and rock n' roll. The list of tubes used include 1-Mullard 12AX7, 1-RCA BP 5965/12AT7, 2-RCA BP GG 6V6GTs, and 1-Mullard GZ 34. You can buy it for $2,295.


The most expensive of the new combo amps is the Broadway. It is described as having a sound based on classic AC-15 amps but smoother and with a heavier punch. Tubes used are 1-Mullard 12AX7, 2-Japan Mullard 12AX7s, 2-Mullard EL-84s, and 1-Mullard GZ-34. Other features include line out for bypassing the cabinet, simplified controls and switchable speaker options. The current price is $2,395.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande tube reverb head is a 5 watt tube driven reverb box that can also serve as a 5 watt amplifier head for use with an extension cabinet. It has a cool storage area complete with a secure padlock. Controls include dwell, input, mix, tone, output and you can connect a footswitch. This portable reverb/amplifier utilizes the following tubes: 1-Mullard 12AX7, 1-RCA BP 5965/12AT7, 1-RCA BP 6K6. ToneVille has this amp listed with a price tag of $995.

A quick glance at the new combo amps will have you charmed by the retro woody and earthy aesthetics. The Rio Grande tube reverb amp head on the other hand stands out with its vintage lunchbox-meets-oven-toaster look.

For complete specifications and other details, visit ToneVille Amps.

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