Sensus - Guitar Synthesizer Hybrid

Mind Music Labs released a new demo video showcasing the expressive control and synthesizer features of Sensus.

Sensus Smart Guitar

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Sensus is an interesting take on the tired old guitar design, packed with the latest in sound processing technology, complete with different types of real time expression controls that are just not possible with conventional instruments, along with convenient wireless connectivity.

Regardless of how you feel about the extra features, the company describes Sensus as a real guitar, complete with the usual guitar parts that include a wooden body with a modified single cutaway shape, a neck with a fingerboard and frets, steel strings, tuners and it has a bridge. But what separates it from the pack is the technology packed within, which allows for interesting new ways of expression and connectivity.

At this time, the information available about Sensus is still very limited, no mention of the specifics of the wood used, neck profile, and other hardware. The company however provided details some interesting details about the instrument, and as mentioned released a demo video that better showcases Sensus' features and capabilities.

Mind Music Labs puts it this way, "Sensus is at the same time a real guitar, a 360° wireless music system and a true IoT device: if feels and plays like a guitar, but its innovative technology evolves what a guitar can do and allows its wooden body to produce any sound and modulation, always in high fidelity, and to take full advantage of Internet connectivity."

Thankfully, Sensus retains the fundamentals of a real guitar, you get to fret and pluck real strings which then causes wood vibrations. But what makes it more innovative, is that the vibrating body itself produces the sound, without the need for an external amplifier. And it can even produce other sounds that are wirelessly transmitted to the instrument, which means that the body itself has a built-in preamp and possibly some soft of speaker mechanism. Interestingly, they compared Sensus to a Stradivari violin, stating that the Sensus has a traditional wooden red spruce soundboard.

Mind Music Labs describes Sensus as a "Smart" guitar and rightly so, because it comes with a digital brain that can receive, process and even share and receive music and data. It manages all the traditional elements of the instrument, along with the added state of the art sensors that are attached to the body and neck. There's even effects, and a looper feature built-into the unit, showcasing how much processing and memory the guitar has built-in.

Check out the newly uploaded video demo:

For more information on the innovative Sensus, you can head over to Mind Music Labs. We will conclude with how the company describes the things that you can do with the new Sensus guitar:

"With Sensus, you can add infinite modulations and effects to your music in a natural, beautiful way, with no need for amplifiers or accessories. You can also stream and play directly on your favorite songs, or jam together with a friend at a distance, listen to what you just played and immediately share your performances online. Of course, you can also perform on big stages taking advantage of Sensus’ IoT features to add new levels or expression and interaction to your performances, or record music in studio-level quality straight from the guitar."

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