Ax Facts and Stats: Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett

Welcome to AFS vol.58 with Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett.


My name is:
Peter Klett

My current job is:
Ripping your face off!

My hometown:
Bellevue, WA.

My current album or project is:
Candlebox-Into The Sun

Former bands:
Redlightmusic….the others just don’t matter

My guitar influences growing up were:
Angus Young was king in the beginning…David Gilmore…Jimmy Page…The Iron Maiden boys were huge for my style of solo along with Michael Schenker

The guitars I use have :
Oh boy…. 1979 les paul standard-tobacco burst, 1979 les pauls standard –blonde, 1980 modified les paul artist…dark burst, 1990’s made for me les paul standard, 1960’s ? modified tele custom, 1975 tele thinline-sunburts, 1976 tele deluxe-black, 1977 tele thinline-dark sunburst, 2000’s modified mex tele custom, 2000’s American made modified tele, 1962 re-issue modified strat, 2000’s cheap ass modified strat-killer guitar, StubHub! Where Fans Buy and Sell Tickets!

The strings and tunings I use are:
Dunlop 11-50

My current rig setup consists of:
amps & cabs: Marshall 200 dual Superlead, Soldano Decatone, early 70’s Marshall cab, 90’s Boogie cab, Fender Bassman w/ two 10’s and a 12” for speakers, Roland JC 120
- Rack: Intelliflex & Digitech TSR24
- Pedals-dirty chain: Whirlwind A/B for splitting dirty from clean amps, Ernie Ball stereo vol/pan, Boss V-Wah, Dunlop Rotovibe tube screamer T.C. elec phaser/Boss phase shifter, A/B in back for splitting dirty amps
- Pedals-clean chain: Line 6 echo park, liquid chorus in back for splitting clean amps

The greatest invention for guitars is:
78-80 t-bucker….among thousands more!

My normal songwriting process consists of:
Sitting down and letting myself go.

My favorite all-time guitar solo:
Oh boy-just can’t answer that…far too many stand up to each other.

Favorite all-time song (any artist) is:
Once again…can’t answer that

Favorite song by our band:
Hmm…oh man that is tough….right now I will say “miss you”….answer will change with the wind.

Favorite song to perform in front of a live audience:
Far Behind or You I guess….cool to watch the crowd freak!

My Career highlight thus far is:
Opening for RUSH & WOODSTOCK 94...however there are many more….these two are the ones that seem to be the obvious answers. Free artist EPKs

My most embarrassing moment on stage:
Please don’t make me answer that.

Other than my guitar and amps, the one piece of my gear that I cannot live without is:
Pro Tools I guess….very handy .

The first song I ever mastered on guitar:
Who knows….most likely an AC/DC song.

My first guitar was:
A crappy nylon acoustic that I took from my sister.

The first time I ever heard our band on the radio…:
Ahh yes….very vivid…. Driving on I-5 into downtown Seattle…listening to KISW and all of a sudden it was dead air….about 3 seconds later the beginning of ‘change’ started fading in and I effing flipped out!

If I am only sure of one thing in life, It's:
I don’t think I will ever be sure of anything completely but “if I can do it….so can u”

The exact moment I knew I would pursue a career in music was:
When I picked of that first guitar….I also used to dream about it while sitting in my 6th grade classroom.

The one thing most fans don't know about me is:
All lot of things

The best advice I could give beginning guitarists:
Play, play, play, play, play, play, play and keep playing!

My all-time favorite album:
Man…keeping making me decide… Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

Best gig:
Dude please…too many!

Favorite junk food:
Who doesn’t like ice cream. Peanut m& m’s..Swedish Fish …cinnamon bears to name just a few of the MANY items of junk food I so crave.

My biggest pet peeve:
Waiting and if you say you’re going to do something….DO IT!!!

The hardest part of my job:
The hours.

What I like to do in my "off" time:
Ride the harley…nascar on xbox …craving my golf again.

The first thing I do when I come home from touring is:
Kiss Jessica.

Previous or first day job:
> Wood stove making warehouse… we had a showcase in LA on a Friday….boss said don’t come back if u go…..well….we know who’s ass he can kiss now eh?

Right after this interview I'm going to:
Have a smoke and take a shower.

I couldn't imagine being on the road without:
Someplace to escape for a bit

If I wasn't doing the musician thing, I could really see myself working as:
Please don’t make me think about that…

My mission in life:
Not completely sure yet.

My next goal is:
Save some wolves in Alaska.

The greatest contribution guitars/music have brought into my life is:
A purpose for my life.

Check out our Website at: &

The one musician I would love to work with that I have not yet had the chance would be:
Jimmy Page

If I could have three wishes granted, they would be:
Maybe I will tell you one day.

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You like Fenders. What is your favorite sounding guitar?

Go see them live, AMAZING show!!

I still remember you back when you were a kid on the ski-school-bus hanging with Matt Christian. We had a garage band not to far from your house where you were playing. Back then we all had the Rockstar dream but I remember thinking that you could probably really do it... Way to go

The two best bands I've seen live are Candlebox and Pearl Jam. The gap between the quality of these bands and others that I've seen is ridiculous. Peter Klett is basically the reason I picked up a guitar. (That probably doesn't mean much considering i'm a 28 year old guy that works as a software administrator for a tractor manufacturer. None the less, playing guitar serves as a great release after a crappy day at the office. What the guys listed above as influences meant to him are what guys like him, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, etc... mean to me. Musical geniuses!) By the way, the new album is amazing!

Can i just say, Peter klett inspired me to play guitar.... Thank you

Pete is one of my favorite

Pete is one of my favorite players. He is a lame interview.....Answer the questions dude, dont you have a brain?
this bored me to death................


I'm 55 YRS. OLD..a guitar player.. just heard candle box album for the first time< not often a CD hits me like this one did... wow what a band.. this is one great band...

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