Graph Tech Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

Graph Tech's Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System has just been awarded a U.S. patent, in recognition of its innovative design which simplifies machine head replacements for common guitar configurations.

Graph Tech Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

These are designed to make it easier to install Graph Tech's popular Ratio Balance Geared Machine Heads into popular guitar styles that include Strats, Les Pauls, and more.

Much like their other innovative guitar products, the Ratio Machine Heads have caused quite the buzz in the guitar industry. So much so that manufacturers like Martin, Rainsong, Godin, Framus, Hagstrom and more have not only shown interest but have implemented these tuners on some of their guitars. As expected, guitarists who use other guitar brands, or want to upgrade their tuners also wanted to utilize this innovative technology, and because of this need, the Inviso-March Mounting Plate system was realized.

The idea to create this mounting system came when company founder Dave Dunwoodie encountered a simple yet annoying problem while working on machine head replacements - the need to drill new holes for screws and the need to fill in the old holes.

Dave said, "I could immediately relate… I really wanted to change my machine heads on my 1970 Les Paul Artisan for years, but there was no way I was going to drill new holes in the headstock to do that. So we thought, what would we want, what would it look like? It’s got to be easy, and it has to look like it was made for the guitar. We achieved both with the Inviso-Match System."

Graph Tech Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

And so the Inviso-Match system was created, resulting in multiple mounting plate systems that cater to specific guitar models from popular guitar brands like Gibson, Fender and more. This means that when you buy a set of Ratio Balanced tuners, you need only find the right Inviso-Match plating system for your guitar and the installation will be quick and painless.

There are currently three versions of Ratio Balanced Geared Machine Heads: locking, non-locking and acoustic. All three now come with four free sets of brushed aluminum adapter plates that should match most mounting screw configurations. There are also optional plates that come with chrome, gold, nickel and black finish.

The company concludes, "Simply use the plates that match the existing machine head mounting design, screw the plate down using the existing screw hole, clip the Ratio Machine Head on, and then tighten down the grommet on the opposite side. Done and perfectly aligned!"

The MSRP for each set of Brushed Aluminum Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System is $5.95. Chrome, black and nickel is a bit more expensive at $9.95, while as expected, the gold finish version is up top at $18.95. For more information and to check out the various Inviso-Match Mounting Plate systems, you can visit Graph Tech.

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