Stolen Amp Retrieval Story Becomes a Social Media Hit

The retrieval of a stolen amp becomes a social media hit, thanks to funny fedora jokes that turned the serious story into an entertaining read.

Stolen Amp Retrieval

Hearing about stolen gear always brings bad vibes, but this stolen amplifier's story had a peculiar and funny plot.

The story starts at a local bar where The Smith Street Band was playing. After the gig, they discovered that their Fender combo amplifier was missing, and after checking the security footage, they confirmed that it was stolen. They then shared the tragic story on their Facebook page, hoping to find out who the thieves were. They were also hoping that the culprit would have a change of heart and return the amp.

The tragedy started turning into comedy when they posted an image of the culprits, which they labeled as "scumbag" and "scumbag's friend". A fan noticed the hat worn by the "scumbag's friend", and commented "A fedora, huh? What an absolute piece of sh.." The comment provided a comic relief for this otherwise bad situation, the band replied - "I know, seriously... almost worth the amp being stolen for that one line. I'm still laughing". This lead to a series of fedora jokes from both the fans and the band.

Incredibly, the band received an email with the subject "I am the fedora wearing scumbag mate". This prompted more jokes about the guy's hat. Soon details about the email were provided, "Scumbag's friend" was able to convince the scumbag to give back the amp. A fan then renamed "scumbag's friend" to "the honest fedora-wearing scumbag mate" while more fedora jokes followed suit. The band then referred to the man as "Fedora Guy"

Here are some of the comments:

  • "A fedora? I think we all know what the real crime is here."

  • "Friends don't let friends wear fedoras."

  • "Remember that there can only be one fedora per group of white people."

  • The only one who can make a fedora look cool is Indiana Jones. If your amp was an idol, and the old bar was an Amazonian temple and he got past the spikes and giant spiders, then I'd say he deserves to keep it. But it's not so...

Stolen Amp Retrieval

After some negotiations via the internet and over the phone, and a barrage of fedora jokes - "Fedora Guy" and the band finally agreed on the way the amp would be returned - via a taxi to a mutually agreed location.

Thanks to the power of social media and the internet, the story ended on a positive note with the band getting back their gear. One of their fans rightly put it: "They took your amp but gave you a great story".

The story ends with more comments like:

  • "Can someone steal it next show? This was very entertaining"

  • "a better love story than twilight right there"

  • "Will Michael Bay be making this saga into a summer blockbuster?"

  • You can see how it all unfolded on

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