Troy Van Leeuwen chips in his TC Electronic Toneprints

Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age recently created three TonePrints for the TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Hall of Fame Reverb pedals.

Troy Van Leeuwen

Since TC Electronic pedals are part of the experimental Troy Van Leeuwen pedalboard, it was only a matter of time till this guitar player will lend his talents to TC Electronic in helping out musicians find their own voice on the guitar.

Troy's first toneprint contribution is the "Warble Tape Delay" for the Flashback Delay pedal. Troy wanted to have the sound of a worn out analog tape delay with a lot of flutter. And he wanted this sound without having to bring these expensive and high maintenance analog tape delays. So Troy created this TonePrint to make the Flashback Delay a suitable and sturdy replacement for old analog tape delays.

The second TonePrint is for the Hall of Fame Reverb pedal, named "Vibrato Spring Reverb". It features a dark version of the Twin reverb, but with added modulation. Troy Van Leeuwen was aiming to go past the limitations of analog spring reverbs when he got this TonePrint running.

The third TonePrint which was again for the Flashback Delay, was called ‘Quick Slap Delay’. This TonePrint features a few delay repeats and a short delay time, turning the Flashback delay into an ambient effect much like mixing in a room mic to a “close-micing-setup” amp.

Here is a quick demo of the "Quick Slap Delay" TonePrint:

Get Troy Van Leeuwen TonePrints at

Want more TonePrints? Check out Paul Gilbert's TonePrints.

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