Zoom G3Xn and Zoom G3n Multi-Effects Pedals

Zoom expands their multi-effects lineup with the new G3Xn and G3n, with upgraded features and intuitive controls.

Zoom G3Xn and Zoom G3n Multi-Effects Pedal

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This two new multi-effects processors are fitted with Zoom's latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology without complicating the controls, thanks to its easy to use stombox like layout.

Zoom built their reputation on their affordable multi-effects, and both the G3Xn and G3n follow after their tried and tested formula - which is to make practical, versatile and affordable multi-effects pedals. These two next generation G3 units are designed to provide virtually all the essential effects needed for making conventional music, and it does so while keeping the price and the bulk low, a convenient alternative to the usual bulky multi-effects processors or the even heavier old school pedalboard setup.

As expected, both units are packed to the brim with features, focusing mostly on effects (70 DSP effects), which distinguishes them from the usual amp modeling packed floor processors that manufacturers have been releasing. To be exact, there are 68 effects that include digital recreations of various dirt pedals (overdrive, distortion, fuzz), compression and EQ units, modulation effects (flanging, phasing, vibrato, and chorusing), delay, reverb and more. Zoom also added interesting unconventional effects that include Reverse Delay, Seq Filter, HD Hall, Osc Echo and more.

The other two effects units also serve practical purposes, the first of which is a looper which can store 80 second long phrases, and the other is a rhythm pedal with 68 different patterns. These extras would typically cost you quite a bit when purchased separately, so not only do you save space, , you also get the more from your money with these features - and you can use them conveniently without needing extra hardware.

In addition to the effects, Zoom also included 5 amp models and 5 speaker cabinets, which replicates some of the most popular amps and cab but in digital sound processing format. The amps models include recreations of Marshall JCM800, Mesa Boogie mk3, Fender Twin Reverb, Bogner Ecstacy and British 30W Class A combo. All these amps are tweakable to your preference, and can be bypassed if you are plugging in straight to an guitar amplifier. If those are not enough, you can download more amp models for more sound options, including emulations of the Fender Bassman, Hi-Watt Custom 100, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Orange Channel, Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb, and Orange Graphic120.

Zoom G3Xn

Both the G3Xn and G3n will let you use up to 7 effects simultaneously, which would usually be more than enough to cover most music styles. The main difference between the two new units is the addition of a built-in expression pedal to the G3Xn, for realtime control over volume and effect parameters. It is described as having the same technology and tone as the more expensive G5n, which has more patches, footswitches and allows for more effects to be chained.

Finally, Zoom describes the unit's improved presets: "Recreate essential guitar tones and pioneer new territory with 75 custom-designed patches created exclusively by Zoom guitarists. Use these patches to emulate the iconic sounds of Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Michael Schenker, and Brian May or explore something completely brand new."

The new Zoom G3Xn is expected to have a retail price of around $200, while the G3n version will have a price of around $180. For further details, and for complete specifications, you can head over to Zoom.

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