GuitarBots - Online Game For Real Guitars

GuitarBots is an online guitar game controlled by real guitars, featuring multiple difficulty levels, player duels, and more.


This browser based online game is designed to make guitar learning fun and challenging, incorporating the fun of challenging various difficulty levels, the social interaction of online gaming, and the ability to use a real guitar.

A while back, we featured WildChords, a fun guitar tuition iPad app that impressed us with its note recognition technology. Now Ovelin has taken their impressive technology to the next level by turning it into a full featured online game for guitar players.

GuitarBots is what Guitar Hero should have been, it lets you use your actual guitar as your game controller. This means that while you play and have fun, you are actually learning to play an actual instrument. This will help in motivating young rockers, as well as frustrated shredders - giving them a good and enjoyable reason to pick up their instrument and play.

Setting up and playing the game is as straightforward as directly recording your guitar via your computer. Ovelin's impressive note recognition technology does not require any special hardware to be attached to your guitar, nor does it require special cables. This allows you to use any 6 string acoustic or electric guitar that is loud enough to be captured by your computer. You can also plug your guitars to your computer and use amp modeling software for better recognition. Finally, you have to point your browser to GuitarBots website, register and start playing.

As of this writing, there are 300 levels of difficulty that can cater to both learners and experienced players. The game works much like guitar hero, only this time the notes travel horizontally across a virtual guitar fretboard via colored bubbles. The game rewards you points as you correctly play the notes on time as shown on the interface. The more notes you play correctly, the more points you get, which lets you finish levels. The more levels you finish, the more difficult the next challenges become, which increases the games replay value. The application comes with useful tools like a tuner for calibrating your guitar with the software, looper and a time slow-down or time stretch feature.

Being an online game, GuitarBots will turn boring solo practice sessions into interactive and fun learning sessions with friends. You can invite friends to sign up and play, and you can challenge your friends (or enemies) to a guitar duel. Another cool feature of this application is that you can brag about your achievements to your friends via your social network. Finally you can get back at all your friends that spam you with silly online game invites!

GuitarBots is available in three plans, the first one of which is free and lets you play 5 minutes per day. You can add more minutes to your playtime by successfully inviting your friends to register and play the game, 5 minutes per friend up to one hour per day. The second plan requires a $9.99 monthly subscription fee, this allows you to play with no time limit and lets you ask a guitar teacher. The third plan is priced at $129.99 per month, featuring unlimited playtime and comes with a weekly personal guitar coach.

For more information and to start walking your path to online guitar greatness, you can head over to GuitarBots.

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Guitar Game

Looks like a fun guitar game, thanks for sharing this. I will be checking it out!

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