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    [quote=”lee_UK”]It would be interesting to find out the solution from GG, was it the nut?
    and not wishing to hijack this thread, how many giggly-sniggly words are there around the guitar? here are a few…
    G string
    truss (rod)
    Rod (truss)
    pole peice

    come on bass, must be a few more.[/quote]

    And indeed here are a few more……..

    A flat minor
    Machine Head
    Gold plating
    Les Paul
    Finger Exercises
    Gig Bag
    Uplifting scherzo

    Ooh-er Mrs.)

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    [quote=”lee_UK”]With one of those auto tuners in hand, a whole new world of Nick Drake tribute bands await. It does look like a great invention, if you get one post up some pics of the guitar with tuner on.[/quote]

    Have to be honest, I’m not familiar with the work of Nick Drake, though I know the name.

    I have every intention of getting one of these self-tuning doofers as I love the unusual and the practical. hence my VG8, my Stick and (in the past), my baqgpipes! But I fear it will be a while.

    Actually, the bagpipe thing turned me on to celtic music in general and also paved the way for a love of drones. Fripp & Eno being the obvious drone of choice. My time in the performance art ensemble known as The Event Group was stuffed full of drones.

    One thing that I’ve found is that writing music on any instrument with a strange tuning forces you to create new things as you just have to explore what’s available rather than run along the rutted road that is your old licks. And, as a pro, I always felt I had to “practice” when on the standard tuning. Breaking up that internal program took a while and, using Fripp’s New Standard Tuning, I totally buggered my old technique to the point that I had to turn down work as my fingers no longer went to the right places!

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    [quote=”1bassleft”]Dave, what worries me is that $3250 price tag.

    You’re looking at a cool $4000 before you even pay for a guitar; The GK2A + VG88 is cheaper, non-invasive, transferable and does a lot more than change string tunings. I’m sure the DSP on the Roland isn’t as convincing as a real tuning, but blimey – it’s a lot of money.

    Edit: forgot to mention – very cool to see a lefty Stick player. How long have you had it? Done “Thela Hun Gingeet” yet? :)[/quote]

    Well, $4000 equates to around £2000… ish! and that’s not even two used Les Pauls at current London prices. However, I agree that it’s a lot of money but as someone who uses different tunings I’d still have one. I invented a tuning and wrote a couple of pieces in it and this requires yet another guitar.

    Would the authorites spot the fact that the guitar you’ve just brought back into the country has a funny looking bridge?!!

    The VG8 (which I have) can do strange things if you set the tuning too far from the guitar and it has to be on a solid instrument or you get some wierd interference tones… but a fab piece of kit nonetheless. I would use the Auto Tuner AND the VG8 together.

    Regarding the Stick, I’ve had it since 1986. I’m not convinced that “Thela..” is played on the Stick. A lot of people confuse the sound with T Lev’s Musicman as they can sound very similar. The Stick has humbucking pickups and, although passive, can sound a bit like a Stingray. However, once you have one of these instruments it’s not difficult to work out how T Lev does his things. Among the “tells” are the range and the vibrato. Mr Lev has a vibrato on the bass that he tends not to employ on the Stick.

    The real cheat is Elephant Talk where he detunes the top bass string to get the flat 5th and then uses one finger across the top two strings. “Waiting Man” is yet another example of a beautiful yet simple pattern. “Matte Gudesai” (sorry about the spelling) IS played on the Stick, which took me by surprise!


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    [quote=”1bassleft”]Dave, IIRC, the fingerboard radius of a modern Strat is 9.5″ to 10″ but the early vintages were a warperific 7.25″. Unless it’s a “50s reissue”, I think your Silver Series (again, IIRC, these were the remaining Japanese Squiers sold while production shifted to Korea in 1990) is a 9.5″. The Gibson LP is, I’m fairly sure, 14″. A 16″ radius is ultra-flat, 5-string bass territory. [cut]

    Thanks for the information. I’ve had difficulty sorting out this neck radius thing for some time but the smaller radius really doesn’t work for me.

    I intend to mount a GK2A pickup on whatever I end up with as I’m a fan of the VG8. However, as a result of my searching, I found this device. A self-tuning guitar with hundreds of storable altered tunings. Check it out.. it’s mind-blowing. I didn’t believe it at first either….

    (For the record, I’m in central London and have a left-handed Chapman Stick (not played for a while), and often play in Fripp’s tuning.)

    All the best


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    [quote=”guitarguy”]ok, on my guitar the G string is wierd. it wont ring for very long. it will ring for about 5 seconds and all the others will for about 10. it sounds kind of dead too. what do i do to fix it>[/quote]

    I’m afraid it IS the nut. The best solution is to fill the offending hole with epoxy resin (NOT the quick drying stuff) and let it go hard over a couple of days then re-cut the slot ” a little bit at a a time” until it gets to the correct depth. You’ll need a razor saw for this.

    I’d recommend a new nut made of bone or brass or whatever the latest composite material happens to be.

    If your guitar is an expensive one, get the job done professionally.


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