Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

We present to you GuitarSite's award for the best acoustic guitar under $1000, along with some equally impressive runner-ups!


There are a number of great acoustics in the sub $1000 price range, which is great from the point of view of having variety, but it can make it difficult to choose. But don't worry, we've used our considerable experience to present you with the best options under $1000, along with some details to help you decide on which one to buy. These guitars feature tone woods, durability, attention to detail, and sounds that are comparable to many more expensive models.

The Best!

Martin OM-1GT

Martin OM-1GT

It was a close call, but ultimately, the Martin OM-1GT tops all the best acoustic guitars under 1000 dollars. Although the runner-ups did come close and can arguably beat it on some aspects, this well rounded guitar served as our standard to which other guitars were measured.

Getting a full featured and great sounding Martin guitar at a retail price of less than $1000 is a very sweet deal. The Martin OM-1GT will not disappoint as it features craftsmanship and playability comparable to the more expensive Martin guitars, albeit with less aesthetic embellishments. The guitar comes with an all-solid body - solid sitka spruce top, and solid sapele for the back and sides. With Martin's superb build consistency and after sales service, you can be sure that you have yourself an instrument that will last a lifetime, when reasonably taken cared of. The OM shape is popular because of its comfortable "fit" and its clear and cutting tone. Like the dreadnought shape, the OM is a Martin innovation that has since been copied by other manufacturers. So if you are looking for a good OM guitar, better get one from the source so you can look at the label with pride. With great reviews and raves for this guitar, the Martin OM-1GT is simply the one to beat in this price range. Manufacturer: C.F. Martin & Co. | Retail Price: $949.00 | Full specifications and customer reviews are available at

Runner-ups - Close to the Best...

Taylor 214

Taylor 214G

Taylor is a relatively new comer in the acoustic guitar making industry but their popularity and status now rivals that of established brands when it comes to quality acoustic guitars. It may not have the same historical significance or traditional stylings, but the Taylor 214(G) is a strong contender for the top spot with its equally impressive tonewoods - solid sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides.

The Taylor 214(G) features the Grand Auditorium shape, which is an original Bob Taylor design unveiled in 1994. Its unique narrower waist is designed to add a treble zing to its acoustic tone. Combining that to its thinner braces, it allows the top to move faster and produces a bell type tone which s more suitable for finger picking and subtle articulations. The guitar's ebony fretboard, 25.5" scale and comfortable 15" radius add to its already respectable playability. Sitting at $100 cheaper than the Martin D1-GT, we won't be hating you if you choose this over our top choice. Manufacturer: Taylor Guitars | Retail Price: $799.00 | Get the latest price & reviews at

PRS SE Angelus Standard

PRS SE Angelus Standard

The PRS SE Angelus Standard acoustic guitar carries all-solid wood specs at a more accessible price. It has a solid Sitka Spruce top, solid mahogany back, and sides, and the fingerboard and bridge are rosewood. Guitars with these types of wood on them usually cost a lot especially coming from a brand like PRS, thankfully this one is part of SE series, making it a good affordable choice.

The SE Angelus Standard follows the same proprietary bracing pattern and several distinct construction features found on other PRS acoustic guitars. This includes aesthetic embellishments like the company's trademark bird inlays and headstock design. The PRS SE Angelus Standard brings in quite the bang per buck because you're getting a PRS acoustic guitar with quality woods, at a great price point. Having an all-solid body would cost an arm and a leg when coming from big name manufacturers, thankfully PRS gives us a more reasonably priced alternative. Order yours today. Manufacturer: PRS Guitars | Retail Price: $699.00 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Washburn LSJ743S Lakeside Jumbo

Washburn LSJ743S Lakeside Jumbo

The Washburn LSJ743S Lakeside Jumbo is a loud workhorse acoustic guitar, featuring a classic shape and design that was introduced back in 1912. To give the guitar a classic look, the body is finished in tobacco sunburst. The size and shape of the body sits between the jumbo and the dreadnought shape, achieving good projection and volume, while retaining a comfortable round shape.

With a price tag of just half a grand, this guitar comes with impressive tonewoods - solid Sitka spruce top with rosewood back and sides. The material used on the body alone makes for an excellent deal. Add to that other premium components like mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, Wilkinson tuners and bone nut and saddles - and the deal becomes even better. Manufacturer: Washburn | Retail Price: $499 | Get the latest price & reviews

If you feel that we missed a great guitar that lies below the $1000 price range, or if you have your own list of the best acoustic guitars under 1000 bucks, you can let everyone know through the comments section.

Sweetwater Thank you to Sweetwater for their sponsorship and providing the full specifications for the guitars above where possible. You can see more acoustic guitars at

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God bless America

I agree about the Martin guitar supremacy in acoustics. However, Martin relies in his reputation to charge and profit beyond imagination.

Consider the pricing and quality wood used by Godin --Solid Wood Series-- Why Martin, using less appealing woods, such as sapele, laminate stratabond necks, etc., cannot do the same and sell their guitars with some kind or rationality, dignity and respect.

After all Martin has made billions of dollars selling guitars, they have had already their moment to make billions profit. They maybe, maybe not, using the same suppliers to buy woods; just like Godin and the others manufacturers and luthiers. Conversely, Martin culture and reputation --created by rich artist that can buy their guitars with the money earned from you and I, allows the company to behave just like the banks and the people who is managing the national economy.

Sounds like you are

Sounds like you are complaining about the rich. Don't buy a Martin dude...

Another Possible Guitar for the List

The Recording King is a fairly unknown yet in my opinion very good guitar brand. My friends older brother sold his guitar to buy this one along with some other things and I must say it plays great with the price. Its an OOO style guitar which is thinner than the standard dreadnought body and after playing on dreads for about 6-7 years I thought it was a nice transition. I'm a teenage musician who came across a pretty well paying job and now I'm looking to upgrade my guitar. I'm willing to spend around 800 and although its not certain yet I believe that in the end I will purchase the recording king.

Recording King

Thanks for mentioning Recording King - not enough people know about this brand. We did consider them and we might have included them if the list above was a Top 10 rather than a Top 4.

Recording King

I have a Recording King RD-327 and it looks like a Martin D-45. It sounds really great for the price. My Recording King R0S-626 that looks like the Martin 000-28VS also sounds incredible.
Don't get me wrong, I have 2 Vintage Martin Guitars and I still like playing my Recording King guitars as well as my Martins.

Epiphone Masterbuilt AJ500R

I thought the Epiphone Masterbuilt AJ500R might have made the top 4. It has a sitka spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides. Like the Yamaha L series it is now made in China (except the higher end 26 and 36 which are still made in Japan) and I have read - for both makes - that there are quality control issues regarding construction of the neck and flaws in the finish. However, it appears to be a good enough instrument for Russ Barenberg who plays the mahogany version on the link below:

The shame is that Epiphone Masterbuilt series are not so readily available in the UK as in the US.

Acoustic Under 1000

I am actually looking for an all solid guitar for $1,000. And Im looking at Eastman E10D, Larrivee D-02, Martin D-1GT, Yamaha A3M and Cole Clark FL1. I have tried out all excelpt the Cole Clark FL1.

Here are my observatrions
-The Eastman appears to have the volume and balance tone I was lookin for.
-The Larrivee D-02 was warm and the action of the guitar I tried was low and easy to play.
-The Yamaha A3M almost sounded like a Taylor 110 but the low E string was a little too near the edge of the neck for me.
-The Martin was also good, but for my need the D-1GT is a low end for Martin, while the other brands I tested it was a mid-level in terms of the materials.

i did try also the Seagull Maritime (as I have an S6 original), its good for finger styles, however when strum its has a lot of mid-range.

About Larrivee

Thought you might like to know that we've just published a new story about Larrivee at

I own a Vester and a Norman,

I own a Vester and a Norman, however I recently tried 20 different guitars, including Taylor Washburn Martin Gibson Epiphone Ibanez Takamine Yamaha Fender and Seagull. The best sounding guitar at 1/3 of the cost of the Martin and Gibson, and 1/2 the cost of the Takimine or Taylor was the Seagull Performer Jumbo mini.

best guitars under $1000

You must check out the Zager guitars.
Hand built in the USA in Lincoln Nebraska.
Their guitars and customer service are the best.
Try one you will not be disappointed.

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