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Danelectro pickup bracket stripped

Looking for a replacement pickup bracket for my Danelectro longhorn bass neck pickup
Allparts doesn’t have it, Danelectro doesn’t have it either apparently.


Danelectro 84 volume pot not working right

Hi there
Can anyone advise me why my Danelectro 84 Volume control only responds with very low volume when turning volume knob higher. It has been like this since buying new. I have to adjust volume at the amplifier. Supplier wont help and too late to return to them anyway I believe.

1958 4623 Longhorn

I recently inherited my Dad's 1958 4623 6 String Longhorn Bass.
Looking for a part for it, and some advice.
It is missing one of the white "flipper" switches for the pickups- that is the part I need.

The advice is it has the same pickguard as the Guitarlin, the pickups are VERY close together.
From the research I have done they re-located the Bridge Pickup during the '58 production run.
If that is the case, do I have an original design one? I cannot find another one quite like it.
Also, it is in a light "yellow' tweed coffin case- is that an original Danelectro case, or is it simply what my Dad stored it in?
I contacted Michelle at "Danelectro". That was a waste of time- they "can't answer my questions"

6 String Danelectro Bass

I’d like to buy it even without the parts or repairs.


DC-59 PRO Reissue

I have a Dano 59-DC Reissue with Serial # 049913109 Made In Korea (2 Yellow stickers with reddish-brown script) that I bought from Danelectro several years ago, I was corresponding with Spencer at that time, and I've yet to see one the same as mine...Mine has Natural Headstock - Solid Metal Bridge with 6 individual string saddles - Back of neck is Natural with matte finish - Black-Silver Sparkle Pearl finish - Model No. 3141 or 3041 (?) - Chrome Tuners - Grainy looking tape on sides of body...Is beautiful guitar to play and look at but I've yet to see one with same features as mine ? Anywhere...Just trying to find out why and any information from someone knowledgeable with these Danelectros would be great...Thank you... I'm at drumbox55@gmail.com

2007 Dano Pro

Just got a 2007 reissue Dano Pro serial # 010792, love it already, but has a hairline crack on neck overlap on one side. Might not be deep, doesn't seem to affect anything, but how can I replace the neck, if needed, is it possible to buy another one?

I'm already wanting to get a nifty fifty and found a reissue U2, I think, want it too! Serial number is 018977. Any tips on this?


End pin jack recess

Hello All. I have a conundrum to solve. A customer has brought me his Convertible to have the pot and end-pin jack replaced. He has opted to replace the original (broken) screw-in jack with a Switchcraft jack (sacrilege in the eyes of a Danelectro enthusiast, no doubt, but I can see why he would want to). However, after completing the soldering, I have discovered that the tailblock is about 10mm too deep for the new jack - with the back cover and nut adjusted as far back as they will go, the socket *only just* pokes through the hole, not enough to get the outer washer and nut.

To fit the Switchcraft jack would mean cutting a recess from the inside of the block, about 10mm deep x 15mm diameter - but I cannot see an obvious way of doing this short of opening up the body. Does anyone know of any clever 'hacks' for cutting such a recess by entering through the jack hole from the outside? Is there a special type of drill bit for this purpose (something like a backwards forstner bit)? I'm thinking the sensible solution would be to revert to the original type of jack but, before I do, I thought I would field for ideas.

Many thanks!

needing help with silvertone u1

working on 59 1417 in bronze needing paint code, wiring schematic and white material around binding?

Danelectro re-issue serial number

I have looked into this a bit and have found some information on dating re-issue Danelectros. Now, some did not have serial numbers, depending upon where they were manufactured. However, there were many spots they put the serial number. Some had a sticker on the back of the neck or under the neck where it mounts (idiotic). However, some were in the electronic cavity. There were small tags on the pots, but, some were hand written on the back of the cover (earliest re-issues) On these, the hand written serial number is sort of Julien dated. The first two digits were the year, the next three the day within the year and the last four were production number. So, if you have one with 981272541, it was produced the 127th day of 1998, number 2541. I am not certain how long that lasted, but, this was done during the earliest runs. If you find a tag, I have not found any info on those, but, it may be the same.

Need new tuners for 56 U2 Reissue

Hi everyone,

Looking for high quality tuner heads for my 56 U2 reissue. Anyone know where I can find direct replacements?

Need schematics and parts

A while back I got an old Dano shorthorn bass with a single lipstick pickup, a volume and tone control, and a 3 position switch. It has a very short neck with 15 frets. I think it's a 1964 model, but not sure. I'd like to replace all the electronics including the pickup if it proves to be a weak link. I have not yet taken anything apart yet, but I feel that something in the sound is not quite right. Depending on the switch position, the output is weak and there's very little bass response..

So what I'm looking for is a parts list and a wiring diagram. A place to source the materials including the pickup would also be helpful.

I thank you all in advance for any help or advice you can provide.


Electroblaster Hearsay

Hi guys! Recently i adquired a Danoblaster Hearsay and it+s beautiful everything works fine except for the effect included, does anyone know something about it? i appreciated if someone can give me some information about the guitar or a wiring map. thank you folks!

Danelectro, Coral, Silvertone Danelectro's



Dano Pro

I'm looking for a 2007 Dano Pro. Anyone have any leads?

Dano Pro

There was one on E-bay a couple days ago. May still be there. Not sure what year it is, but it's a reissue.

59 MJ Top nut material.

Hi, I operate a stringed instrument repair service in Southern Oregon. I have a customer who called me about his '59 MJ that he recently acquired. He said that it has a brass top nut and that it is too high and uncomfortable to play. I haven't seen it yet, but it sounded, from his description, that it might be the material that is between the string slots because he said that he was thinking about using a belt sander to remove the excess. My question is whether a brass top nut is the material used on new guitars, or even older mj's as I don't know yet if he bought it new or used. Looking at the photos at the Danelectro site, it looks as tho some models might have a metalic nut, but it looks more like steel than brass. Not a real clear photo when it is enlarged. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks!

my convertible

Hi everyone,
So, I found a convertible in my neighbors trash a few years ago. I love the thing. I play it daily. I purchased the lipstick pickup early on and installed it, but as of late I decided it's better as an acoustic (that, and I picked up a danelectro 56 U2 reissue)
I removed the electronics, but now I have three empty holes (two for knobs, one for jack). I've seen little metal covers in passing, but trying to find them by name is proving difficult. Anyone know what sort of search term i should be using?

thanks very much!


Corporal Model 32

I just found a mint Corporal Model 32 in an old Musician's estate sale.
It still had the original tubes and the actual paperwork(instructions and schematic for a model 132) in an envelope in the back.
Works great, sounds fantastic cranked all the way, has the bakelite arrow knobs on the back.
I'm just wondering what it's worth, I might put it up on Reverb.com.

I can't seem to find a good price for this model,
Any help is appreciated.

Danelectro 132schematic

I also am in need of the schematic for my old dano Corporal 132, and would appreciate any help you could offer. You are the only person I've seen that has said that he has one, and I've been searching for quite a while... Thanks!

Corporal Model 132 Schematic

Hey BrianLee,

Have you by chance scanned the instruction manual and schematic for the Model 132?

I have that amp and I'm trying to restore it.

Please let me know when you can.



Danelectro Convertible

I am looking to buy a Dano convertible very soon, but I am not sure if I should get the brand new ones or one made from around 2000.

I like the fact that the new ones have that piezo pickup and a blend knob, but the consensus seems to be that the models around the year 2000 were of much better quality (due to being made in Korea).

Has anyone tried both of these? Are there any opinions about this at all?

Dano PB&J

My PB&J (great little unit) was working well, then started a periodic popping.
It became intermittent as I switched from batter to power supply.
Giving it a rest seemed to restore it, but less playing time shortly.

Has anyone else had the pulsing (and no signal) problem?

Tried remedies?


New Here

dano 1998 commie red longhorn bass for sale or trade

great condition tape removed will trade for dead on 67 reissue guitar (any color) or current or black longhorn bass

machine head buttons

Hi Guys

I've got a D59 reissue (lemon yellow!!) and one of the machine head buttons has cracked and fallen off - everything else is in tact... any ideas of where i can buy an actual danelectro button or if anyone has ever used just any other generic buttons to replace?


i have the tuning machine that you need

email me and we can work out a way for me to ship it to you

Dano 63 bridge setup issues

Hi, just went to change the strings on the guitar and noticed bridge was loose. I tightened the three screws down. Now set is off and innotation. Need help with setting the bridge back up. Screw turns, distance from body etc, really any help would be grand.

Thank you

Danelectro Pioneer 15

I have owned a 1950's vintage Danelectro Pioneer 15 for about 35 years. It was given to me by someone who bought it new in the 50's. I used it prior to 1983, and it was developing problems and I just put it aside. It has been in storage since then. I recently dug it out and brought it to a very reputable tube amp guy in East Hartford, CT. He called me this weekend and said that he had checked it out and made a list of what it needed which comes to about $250. He said that everything works including the microphone channel and the tremolo, and the the speaker sounded great. He had never seen one this old. He is replacing some capacitors and tubes, etc. I have been told that these amps are sought after by blues harmonica players. Does anyone have any helpful information as to the value or collect ability of this amp. I am a jazz player, and I own a couple of polytone minibrute III's and a couple Fender tube amps. The Danelectro is more a sentimental thing for me but I would like to know what it is I have.


Danelectro Pineer Line 15 amp

I'm still interested in this Amp, please let me know if it's available. Thank You JW

pioneer line 15 amp

Do you still have this amp, they are very good old amps, I'd be interested in it if you want to sell it.

Danelectro 12 String

I have a Danelectro 12 string, made in Korea, serial number 010005033. Can anyone tell me what year this is from? Thanks.


By the serial number, I can tell you that it was made in 2001, in the original re-issue runs from 1998-2001. They then started up again in 2006, I believe.

danelectro dc59 vos wiring diagram

feel free to email me.. coleman_patrick@hotmail.com

I want to replace the scratchy switch.. I have an on off on switch that will fit.. but I can't figure out how to get it to work.
the diagram I have matches how it was wired..

but my switch has six poles ala:

the dano has to have the switch after the pots, unlike the duo sonic.

NEWEST Vintage Danelectro Site now online



Selling Danelectro Hornet Baritone Guitar

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd post on here if any one is interested. I'm selling my black and silver Danelectro Hornet Baritone Guitar on eBay:

It's pretty rare as they only did a limited run and sounds amazing through a fuzz box

Danelectro Baritone

I've got one of these - tuned down an octave to Low E etc - and using D'addario XL 156 strings .024 - .084 but find it difficult to get a clear tone - set the guitar up as per Danguitar notes - any suggestions ?

How to adjust the truss-rod on a Dano Wild Thing?


I have bought the Wild Thing a year ago or so but the strings are way too high to my taste, I lowered them as much as I could but it seems that I need to adjust the neck too. Thing is I can't seem to find the access to the truss-rod. Any help and insights would be greatly appreciated :)

Quite a few Danelectro

Quite a few Danelectro models require one to remove the neck to access the truss-rod. The Wild Thing might have that "feature," as well. When you take off the neck, you might find a thin shim in the neck pocket--and if you don't, you might consider putting one there, for it might solve your problem.

Danelectro 6 string bass ????

Friend of mine has a old maybe 56 6 string bass. No serial no. coke shape head, two lipstick pickup, And all white vinyl body with black vinyl trim. Some say it may be a proto type. Does anyone have any ideal about this one. I can send pictures if need be. Please help me with this one.
Dan Clark

1965 DC-1 shorthorn (Bronze) MUST SELL

The best guitar I've owned!!! But with
the new baby i need the funds! Its a single pick-up serial #3036 (the week of
July 30th 1965) 98 percent org. (1) screw, E-1 tuneing pin replaced. Some dings, shows it age. Excellent sound never had a short! Make offer...

Your Dano DC-1 Shorthorn

Robby, I noticed your posting online while searching for something else. Not sure if you still have the guitar or not, but I thought you'd like to know that on vintage Danelectro guitars with a four digit serial number, the first two numbers are the week of the year in which the guitar was made, the third number is meaningless (just a random number) and the last digit represents the year of manufacture. So your guitar was made in the 30th week of 1966, not in July of '65.

Danelectro 16 String Guitar

At some point I had borrowed a sunburst Danelectro 16 string guitar which had the top four strings each with 2 higher unison strings and the top two strings with 2 strings in unison. In addition, it had 4 onboard effects and stereo outputs.

Does anyone know the name of this guitar or where to buy it?

Danelectro DS-50 amplifier. 3x12 cabinet and amplifier.

Hello there. I just recently acquired a what I believe to be a mid 60's Danelectro DS-50 amplifier from a close friend. It seems to be 100% original, and is super clean. It came with its original two button foot switch, it's original speaker cable and a nice slip/dust cover. I was SHOCKED, not literally, when I plugged it in. It has been sitting for I estimate a few decades unmolested. I have always had a soft spot for older American made amplifiers, and once I saw this it was no exception. It has such a great sound to it. My only modifications will be to change the speaker cable out for a 1/4" jack and upgrade the power cable to a 3 prong.

Has anyone else ever had these or played them? I looked through the web and I couldn't find any photos of it in brochures or catalogs. Anyone have any links or information about these guys. I am curious what year it was produced, and perhaps how many of them were made.


I have an opportunity to buy one of these. I really did this amp. It's in great shape and has foot pedal. I think it was made in 1966. They want 700. Is that a good deal.

danelectro guitar w/ amp in case

I have an early 60's sears/ danelectro guitar with amp in case for sale. It is posted in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Craigslist listings. asking $550 jhnevans52@yahoo.com

What Model Danelectro Do I Have?

Hello - Need some help identifying this 6 string Danelectro Longhorn guitar. Nice sunburst color, coke bottle headstock with silver lettering down the middle. Three lipstick style pickups, two F holes, rosewood neck. I can send pics if anyone would like to see it. Not sure if it is from the 60's or a reissue. Cheers, Len

bass VI to baritone conversion

I recently bought a what was called a Danelectro baritone/bassVI on ebay.

The guitar is clearly set up as a 6 string bass it has bass tuning machines,nut and saddles,and is tuned
E to E one octave lower than a guitar.
It doesn't look like a simple string swap is going to make a conversion.
The guitar has a U2 body and looks like the baritone classic except for the head stock which is not painted.
I dont know the year but the seller said they bought it in 2001.
Can this be converted without alterations?
Does anyone have experience with one of these?

Hey, I have played on a

Hey, I have played on a danelectro U-2 that had ernie ball baritone strings on it.. what i was looking for was a guitar that sounded good in a drop C or even C major.. although the guitar/strings worked in these tunings, the pickups weren't really giving it the sound i wanted. obviously fix-able, but i didn't want to do any routing and the pickups were so skinny (lipstick-style), i don't think i could've fit anything else (even, like, tele lipstick's) in there.
I have seen on a couple msg boards where people bought the danelectro VI, which was apparently kind of supposed to be a crossover between a bass and a guitar, so, i think it actually CAME with bass strings on it.. if you know of someone nearby who knows a lot about intonation and whatnot, prob not a bad idea to consult them. but, i'd say spend the 8-10$ on a set of baritone strings and see what happens. i don't think you're going to have any tension problems or anything like that.. just keep it tuned low at first, just to make sure.. like, no higher than D major..
these are all just suggestions. i do NOT own the guitar you're talking about, but i've done quite a bit of research on baritone guitars and i've been playing for almost 20 years.. hope that helps..

bass VI to baritone string swap

thanks for the insight I think I'll give the string swap a try.I had a local tech look at it and he said kind of the same thing.The guit does need a set up and truss rod adjust.The pick ups have a nice twang and its a Dano so it looks cool. again thanks DK

Danelectro Corporal model 132 power amp

I am looking for Specs or schematics for a Danelectro Corporal 132 amp. I believe its a 50's or 60's model with one tone and one volume knob with 3 inputs and 2 x 8 inch speakers. We can't seem to find one anywhere. Even if you have something hand written, we need all the help we can get. The power tubes seem fine but something is wrong with the pre amp circuitry. This seems like a very simple amp but we are missing something.

Please help and thanks

Dan Long

Corporal Model 132


My name is Dave, I am looking for a schematic on a Danelectro Corporal Model 132 amp. I just bought one and have not seen it yet but am looking for the schematic as I plan to refurbish it. I think I have figured out it does not have a power transformer so I will be upgrading with an isolation transformer to make it safe. Also I have picked up a bit that it is a push pull 50C5 amp so it should be around 8 to 10 watts.

If you have found a schematic I would love a copy I can be reached via email at: detjkt@gmail.com


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