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"The largest dealer of fine Classical and Flamenco guitars in the world".
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Des Lauriers Blue Checkerboard

I have a blue checkerboard Des Lauriers guitar in mint condition. How much doe you think it is worth?


des lauriers

Please give me more information regarding your classical guitar model no.D-602-F and the value/price. My grandfather gave it to me.


Des Lauriers

This has got to be a joke!
I've been searchin for years for a little bit of information about my Des Lauriers, but nothin'.
I gave up years ago, and i found this!
I don't know if anyone's gonna answer this, but i'd like to know anything abou this guitars, how do i find one (which is going to be har cause i live in Uruguay - try to fin it in the map - it is not URGay, is Uruguay), where did it come from.
It's a great guitar, i've had it for 11 years and it's still huge!

Re: Des Lauriers

: : I love my Des Lauriers guitar. If anybody else has one they would like to sell, let me know, I want to buy it. As long as it's electric.

: Saw your add from 6 years ago lol....if you are still interested i have a Des LAuriers electric

I have a blue electric Des Lauriers guitar I would be willing to sell.

1958 Manuel Rodriguez flamenco guitar

I have a 1958 flamenco guitar made by Manuel Rodriguez. I bought it directly from him at his taller, in Madrid in 1958. It has a certificate inside with the signature of Manuel Rodriguez and the Number 82. It has a spruce top, cypress sides and back. It has a few hairline cracks on top and back. However, they do not affect the tone. I want to sell the guitar. Can you give me an idea of the general value? Thank you.

Alhambra Classical Guitars

Do you have the Alhambra Luthier Classical Guitar, models India or Rio.

I have seen to different models of each the India and the Rio one being slightly more expensive. Are there indeed two different India's and Rio's and if so can you please tell me the difference.

Please send prices on your India and Rio models.

Thank You


I have a Tatay guitar that I want to sell. Does anyone know how much it is worth today?

Des Lauriers

i got a des lauriers as like a hand me down from one of my brothers and was wondering if it was worth and thing if andone has any info on des lauriers please tell me!

Re: Des Lauriers

have one also, it is glossy jet black. I've had it in my collection for about 21 years. I purchased it around 1983, Des Lauriers is a japanese/american guitar company that was only around for about 10 years or so. They were bought out by a german guitar company and stopped producing the des Lauriers because it cost too much to make. If yours is in good shape it could be worth about $500-$1000. I have been offered $1000 on many occasions but continuously turn them down. I would tell you to hold on to it. It became an unexpected collectible, sort of like the car De Lorean. Hope this helps.

Des Lauriers

for christmas i got a kinda beaten up Des Lauriers guitar. It is a almost electric blue, on the back it says serial number but all is scratched off except for a three it does not say where it was made however. The body is very small. If you find anything about this guitar website, or whatever please email me. thanx

Des Lauriers

This is just some peice of junk thing i found in the trash I've looked all over for info on this gutair. I was wondering if it was a collectable or anything because there is no information on it. Thats pretty rare for a good old gutair not to be known. So if it turns out to be just some peice of trash ill just fix it up and sell it. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks ~KYLE~

i need a new neck

i was just wondering where you live because i need a new neck for my guitar....did u have any luck with finding anybody with this guitar so e-mail me back thanx dan.

Re: i need a new neck for a edb 600 series GP

: i was just wondering where you live because i need a new neck for my guitar....did u have any luck with finding anybody with this guitar so e-mail me back thanx dan.

Des Lauriers

Des Lauriers

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