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Gould Guitars is a manufacturer of fine handmade guitars. Our specialty is custom mother of pearl inlay, including fretvines. Our patented "Clemtrem" Tremolo System combines the best features of a floating system with the stability and tone of a fixed bridge. Check out our site.

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gould 12 string guitar model wg-20

I purchased this guitar and the head stocks are bad. Where can I purchase both 12 string slotted head stops?

Handcrafted Gould Model #F150 Serial # 01114

I am interested in selling this guitar. It has been in my attic for 20+ years, still in case; and in tune. It is a beautiful blond wood on the front and cherry wood on the back and sides. Make an offer!


Still for sale?

Gould 12 string

I have Gould 12-string guitar. Model no. D-112. Wondering if it might be worth fixing neck problem. Thanks!!

G.J. Gould D-10 Acoustic

I have a beautiful G.J.Gould D-10 acoustic that I would sell. I find it easier for me to play a classical guitar due to the wider nut. I am located in Saginaw, Mi.

G.J.Gould D-10 acoustic

I am a previous G.J.Gould D-10 acoustic owner and would like to get another one.

what do you feel would be a fair price and do you have pics you could send or post?

Best Regards,


Gould Guitar

I have one , I got from George Gould in 1970 ,, Mint condition ,, call or text 904-403-4998

Gould Stormbird Bass Guitar

Hi guys,

I know this is a REALLY old conversation but I was just trying to find some info on a Gould Stormbird Bass Guitar that I have for sale and came across this. Thought someone might be interested...


Thanks :)

Gould guitar

I'm looking to buy a gould drednaught. Rosewood body . 3 piece back . Possible #'s
6F-140s . Thanks Gray

Gould Guitar

I'm looking to buy a gould dreadnaught. Made by Kazan rosewood body. Three piece back.
Possible #'s 6F-140S Please contact Gray jones @ graycjones@hotmail.com 919-923-4321
Thanks Gray

Gould Guitar

I just got a Gould and it is a great guitar with a splendid sound even across all the strings. Made in Israel!

Gould Guitars (Detroit - 1970's)

I sold George Gould's beautiful under-rated guitars years ago. I'm playing an amazing classical one now, one that I'm SO GLAD I still have. George had a joke: "People say, 'oh you changed your name to have a guitar starting with G (Gibson, Guild, Goya, Gretch, etc), didn't you?!?!', and I admit that 'yes, it's true.' Then they ask,'What was your original name, and I say, 'Martin.' "

Gould guitar

Hi, I just came across your post of years ago, and wondered if you might know anything about a very nice G200 "Gould Guita" I just bought. Thanks,


I realize this is an old post albeit interesting, I've spent some time researching G.J. Gould importers/exporters/wholesalers of Guitars and Such and am curious as to their Israeli ties. Seen several references to it but unable to come up with anything concrete. All text no visual....label/catalog pictures. If you have something to support the connection, please email.

G.J. Gould D-10

I have a G.J. Gould D-10 that is in beautiful condition that I would consider selling. I find that a classical guitar is easier for me to play than an acoustic, due to the wider nut.

Mr Gould was my english teacher in 1964

I remember Mr Gould either making guitars or designing them. He was a little guy with a disfigured right hand.
Not that there's anything wrong with being disabled and teaching English while making or designing guitars
on the side. His tenacity and creativity should be admired.
I went to Kimball High School in Royal Oak Michigan from 1964-1969.
Looks like he may have a son Glenn still living in his 50's.
I wouldn't mind talking to him about his father and finding out if he has any old Gould Guitars
sitting around that he may want to part with.
Interesting subject.

Gould guitar

I have a George Gould guitar for sale ,,
John , 904-403-4998


I have in my possession the fifth Gould les Paul ever made. Signed and dedicated to a friend of mine from 1984. It was appraised at 21000$ which is out of most peoples price range. I'll send a picture to anyone if they would like.

I had Mr. Gould for English as well.

He was definitely cut from different cloth than most teachers at Kimball, but he was creative, kind and very intelligent. It sounds like his guitars are still in demand. I love that he left this legacy.


Just received my guitar Gould G-55 via -- and I'm ill. What was a pristine one owner is now going to damage claim, I guess. I should have had it air freighted, I assumed for 40.00 shipping it might have faired better. It sustained finish damage from the case interior but a blow to the side near the base left a large contusion and 2in. crack. Don't know what my options will be.
Still looking for info concerning GJ Gould particularly those thought to be made by him.

I have found nothing to

I have found nothing to detail anything other than the "made in israel" label.

thanks for the info, I'm

thanks for the info, I'm trying to assimilate the various models to the wealth of manufacturers. My intention was not to deem you semiliterate, it was to try and debuke a misconception that I believe has no basis in fact. Although brothers,Kazin and Israel play a major role in the Gould/import/export scenario, the Kazin Bros. don't export guitars from Israel as far as I'm aware. My skepticism wasn't about an Israeli import...

If you have a model # I'll

If you have a model # I'll add it to the Israeli chapter

Gould guitars

I have a f150 model Gould sounds great magical I have played old Martins and played Taylors that sound amazing. There is some thing about this Gould I don't think I could ever part with it.uG3M6T

Gould Model 70

I have a Gould Model 70, small body guitar.. nice sound, plays great.
It was made in Israel it says.

Gould guitar models

I have two , a Gould 12 string model W 20, it is a dread body, slotted head stock. Solid spruce top, back and sides probably mahogany, but seems darker and has significant grain pattern. Fretboard appears to be ebony. The other is a 6 string, model F 150. Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard. The back on this one is nicely arched. These are both labeled as hand made in Israel. They are both players and sound like the real deal. The neck on the 6 string is a thin C profile but is still straight. This one has an adjustable bridge.


I own an old Gould guitar classic accoustic 12 strings which was purchased in 1970. I am trying to find some history on who built it and possible value if any. I remember it having a sweet tone of most 12 strings. I just wish I new who manufactred it either Gould or another company and where in the US. What is the value of it so I can sell.
Can anyone help me find out the history of Gould guitars around 1970.


Probably Yamaki, Ebay will normally give you some insight....completed listings

Gould guitars

I knew George Gould back in Oak Park, Michigan in the early 70's. I bought a few of his guitars out of his garage. At that time he had a man in Japan by the name of Geeta (I spell it phonically) building guitars he, Mr. Gould, designed. I still have a classic guitar of his with the serial number 361 in it. He told me at the time it was good for playing while riding in a boat, that if I lost the paddle I could use the guitar as an oar. In reality, it still sounds great and I cherish it as much as I do my Martin--well just about as much.

Gould classical


Is this model the same as yours. Thanks in advance for your consideration


Roger: Does it have a seral


Does it have a seral or model number...thanks

I meant model # my classical

I meant model # my classical design is labelled G-55 serial #12

Gould Guitar

The only number is on a label with his name and logo on it. The label had model # and then typed in was the number 461. So 461 is the only number I could find on the entire guitar.


Yamaki Jumbo Western
Spruce Top
Maple Back/Sides
Circa '77

The S suffix in much of the

The S suffix in much of the AY series equates to a solid cedar top. Instead of a plywood spruce. According to some the laminate AY439 12 string was prone to 'lifting' after 30 or 40 yrs, few are aware of its upgrade cousin the AY439S

Thanks guy, with the help of

Thanks guy, with the help of some old catalog pages and the history posted on this site I've finally got a grip on the Gould model # system.

Gould D300

Anyone have a price range-am looking to sell

Gould D-300

Judy I realize it's a belated post. Were you able to sell your guitar? If not please let me know along w/the ser#. Number should be 8 numerals ending in an alpha..T, H, K.... possibly

Re: Gould D300

: Anyone have a price range-am looking to sell

jrbondy@gmail.com Interested in guitar could you plese send me some photos with description, age, condition, location. Thanks

Gould (Yamaki) Guitar History

Gould (Yamaki) Guitar History

This popular thread has been given its own page : Gould (Yamaki) Guitar History


I`ve just bought a pre owned Gould GS135,what a beautiful instrument,but I know nothing about this model...age,value etc etc.
Can anyone help?

Re: GS135


This popular thread has been given its own page : Re: GS135

Gould acoustic

I am not familure with gould guitars have they made a lot of acoustics any info or history would be appreciated


George J. Gould Guitars & Such 24020 Manistee Oak Park, MI 48237 No longer exsists. Imported & mass produced acoustic guitars from Japan and other parts of Asia with his own label in the 70‘s & 80‘s. Very nice classical guitars for beginners & pro’s for about $100 - $200US. More info Gordy’s www.gordysmusic.com
3341 Hilton Rd Ferndale, MI 48220(248) 546-7447

wiring diagram for Gould SG

Hi,could you please help me out,the wires connecting to the output jack came off when I tightened it,when I took the back cover off there were 4 wires loose a thin black wire coming from the hole in the side leading to the bridge (not the pickup)and there is a grey covered wire with 2 different wires in coming from the three way switch and the other is a white wire which is on the tone pot on the r/h side.Could you send me the wiring diagram for the Gould SG?

Gould 12-String W-13

I too have not found much regarding the history of Gould guitars. Anyone know where else to look? Also, I have a Model W-13 (probably from the 1970's) acoustic 12-string that looks fine but needs some severe fingerboard & bridge leveling. Before I invest a couple hundred dollars, would anyone know this guitar's worth?

yet another gould question...

So today I purchased a used guitar from someone who was moving and downsizing. She had it listed as a guild acoustic guitar for 40$. I read "guild" on the label inside the guitar body, but "gould" was emblazoned on the peghead. I looked at it again later this evening and discovered the label inside read "gould". (must have been the power of suggestion, me reading what I wanted to see...) I am unable to find really much of anything on the Gould company on the internet, and was wondering if anyone had any information on the company, the type/quality of guitars they produced, and if these guitars retain their value....
Oh, the model number is FM100 (sounds like a radio station!) and the serial # is 34012. Thanks folks...

Re: yet another gould question...

Ha, interesting. Recently my mom gave me an old Gould FM100 that she got in the late 70's. Ironically the guy she bought it from told her it was the same thing as a Guild.
Pretty nice little guitar, it hadn't left it's case in probably ten years and was still in tune, and the tone is really aged and mellow. However, I'm finding myself in the same boat as you when it comes to finding any information on the company.

Re: yet another gould question...

I got a used guitar recently from the original owner of a 1976 Gould.The head is shaped like a Gibson with a triangle trussrod cover. The label inside reads Gould. I can't find much on the company if anyone has any info on the them, the type & quality or where they were made Id appreciate hearing. this one has a label inside that has no model number or serial number printed on it (the area is left blank)
all it says is Gould Guita (no R) "distributed by Guitars and Such". it looks, is shaped like a Martin 00 or 000 series with a spruce top & black binding.


My guitar has a similar

My guitar has a similar label, don't know how many different labels were employed or if they were indicative of anything significant. What I think noteworthy..... The Guita/ "Guitars and Such'' paper label version is present when maker model or ser# is omitted either on the label or brace brand. Some variations of the same version have a ser# and mod# on the paper and only a branded ser#. Perhaps this label was reserved for those guitars with Gould designated features as in commisioned guitars. Perhaps the maker numbered his effort and left badgng to Gould...General concensus being that Goulds label was consistent with manufacturers model.

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