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Each and every instrument reguardless of the price range, is built with the highest level of craftsmanship. The total instrument, right from the selection of the woods
(ALL NON-Endangered exotic, mostly U S hardwoods)
to the selection of the parts (mostly USA made, whenever possible)
can be custom tailored to each and every customer.
I am also a Master Luthier who has been doing expert instrument repairs (major and minor) since the late 60's from my shop in Neptune City NJ, Asbury Park NJ, and Belmar NJ, Brooklyn NY, Wellsville NY, and Olean NY.

Now in Bradford Pa, I do major and minor Instrument Repair eather as a "walk in" (just a 1 1/2 hr drive form Buffalo NY and Erie PA), through local music stores, or by mail (USPS, UPS, FedEX, Ect.) ........and as always, a very special discount given to "working" musicians.

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John Stoneman

John is an amazing luthier. I have never met anyone who knows so much and been involved with building guitars for almost 5 decades. These wieners badmouthing him are clueless about guitars and building them. John can repair any stringed instrument. He has worked on at least 20 guitars for me both electric and acoustic. Right now he is building from scratch two electric guitars for me from tone wood over 1500 years old. His electric guitar necks are flawless. This guy is the real deal.

Good on you

Good for you that John is willing to anything in 2019. All I know is he took $1200 of my money with no product delivered.

horrible person with alot of words for confusion

worst ax how about the worst person slash con man ive ever come across in my life.i strongly will advise people to stay away from this man very good with words will suck you in and get notjing back in return,took my check and still have not recieved my ax and im going to this bradford pa its only a 12 hour drive to kick the s**t out of him you can take that s**t all the way home for sure

Stoneman is a rip-off merchant

Stoneman is a rip-off merchant

This popular thread has been given its own page : Stoneman is a rip-off merchant

Worst Ax I Ever Bought

I bought a solid body mandolin in April '02 on eBay from John Stoneman of Stoneman Guitar's. It had many defects. While some were fixed when I sent it back to him, he ignored some of my instructions, and returned it to me half fixed. He doesn't guarantee customer satisfaction, and won't return my money, even though I'm extremely dissatisfied with this half-finished instrument.
Originally I bought this mandolin in good faith, assuming it to be of quality construction. Conversations with the builder made me feel he that he knew what he was doing, and would stand by his product.. Too bad I'm not covered by "Lemon Laws", because it unfortunately had the following problems:

* No ground wire - A MAJOR omission - resulting in noisy operation
* Action way too high and unable to be lowered without 'surgery'
* Low quality, cheap tailpiece with rough, bumpy finish
* Cheap pots with crooked control knobs, one of which wobbled when turned
* Access plate not recessed into back - just screwed on over chamber
* Wrong pickup, This after-market pickup is made for a bass, not a mandolin, and poles are unadjustable, creating an unbalanced sound that causes some strings to be much louder than others
* Wrong strings. It came with bronze strings. which don't have good magnetic response needed for magnetic pickups -- Steel strings would be much more appropriate for an electric instrument
* Hard shell case was an unbelievably lousy fit - totally unuseable for this mandolin.(Fortunately, the deal included a gig bag as well)

He seemed genuinely sorry for the defects, and said he'd fix everything and pay for shipping both ways, Although he eventually paid for shipping, it was for one-way only. I sent it back to him, and he fixed all but the following:

* Action still too high and unable to be lowered without surgery
* Tone control knob still a bit crooked - wobbles a little when turned

Of course, the problems with the pickup, strings, and case remained unfixed. Also, I asked him to install a strap button on it. He said he wouldn’t do that, but that he’d send me a strap button, and I could install it myself. He failed to send me this strap button, as promised.

However, the big problem -- and the reason I wanted him to take back the mandolin and refund my money -- was the height of the action. I gave him very specific instructions, asking him to lower the action ridiculously low, and adjust the nut accordingly. That way I could always raise or lower it myself, and it should still be playable at any height. He ignored this instruction, and when I got it back from him, it was still too high (for an electric), and couldn't be adjusted lower without taking wood off the bridge, and possibly raising the nut, which is beyond my skill level.

By this time, I had enough, and asked him to take it back, and generously offered to have him pay me only around $300 and I would pick up the shipping (The original price I paid was $450 + shipping). However, he refused any refunds, saying he didn’t guarantee his instruments.

Now I can't even stand to look at the thing, John Stoneman suggested that I sell it on eBay if I want to recoup my losses. At this time, the following problems remain:

* Action too high (for me)
* Funky, improper bass pickup
* Tone control knob still a bit crooked

BEST isntruments I've Ever Bought - Stoneman Mandolins

BEST isntruments  I've Ever Bought - Stoneman Mandolins

This popular thread has been given its own page : BEST isntruments I've Ever Bought - Stoneman Mandolins

Best Ax I Ever Bought!

Stoneman builds the highest quality, best sounding instruments in the world. Dollar for dollar you can't even come close. I can't even imagine Mr. Stoneman (yes, you can deal directly with the builder himself) not repairing one of his instruments for free, and to exciede the customers expectations. I know an owner of one of his bass guitars who took the bass he bought used, back to Stoneman for a "tune up", and not only did Mr. Stoneman not charge for the set up, but put new strings on it for free! All his instruments are guarrenty for life, and it's a real guarrenty, not no bull s**t where you need to register, return to the store you bought it, or any of those other hoops you have to jump through that other manufactures require. As for the sound, you will not play a better sounding instrument. Just play a Stoneman next to your best guitar and you will see. I sold my Parker, Alembic, and (older) BC Rich, when I got my Stoneman. My Stoneman is my most comfortable, best sounding and LEAST expensive guitar in my collection! Although I never had a problem with the guitar, Mr. Stoneman seems very happy to answer any of my questions about the construction of the instrument. I am a VERY, VERY happy Stoneman Customer! Play one, and you may be one too! - Bill W.

Re: Best Ax I Ever Bought!

**** the both of you, **** ing shills. Names are uncreative and writing style is the same. Mr. StoneMan your guitars are s**t and you don't give a damn about your customers.

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