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If you are new to the Guitar then bookmark this page now. We update this page regularly with more information about everything from learning how to play a guitar, to the very basics of tuning, chords, tabs, and much more.

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Congratulations on choosing to learn how to play a guitar - it is a wonderful instrument and one of the few that you can play whole songs and sing along with at the same time - or your friends can sing along with you. As well as that it's pretty much the best instrument you can carry around with you, take it to your friends place or the campfire. This makes the guitar a much more social instrument than something like piano or trumpet (and way cooler too!)

The information here is broken down into several categories - just scroll down to the part you are looking for.

Beginner Guitar Series

This is a special series of articles written totally for beginners - our experts are adding to this collection of guitar wisdom every week:

Choosing a Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Washburn, Yamaha, and Fender all have some low-cost Acoustic Guitar options here.

Choosing a Beginner Electric Guitar

These are what in our experience are the best electric guitars to start out with - again these are affiliate links - most local guitar shops in your area will have one of these:

The Best Electric Guitars Under $500 is our recommended list of guitars starting from just $120 which you can buy online.

Choosing Effects Pedals

Here is a guide on Top Guitar to the best beginner guitar pedals.

Choosing a Capo

We have provided our recommendations to help you get the best guitar capo for your situation.

Choosing a Tuner for Acoustic Guitar

Our recommendations to help you get the best acoustic guitar tuner to suit your needs.

Guitar Lessons

Here are some great places to find guitar lessons

Guitar Tablature (TAB)

Resources for everything you need to know about the special type of sheet music (notation) used for guitar - it's much easier to understand than regular sheet music and it contains more information about what notes and chords to play:

Tuning a Guitar

Resources for everything you need to know about the tuning your guitar including standard tuning, alternate tuning, and software to tune your guitar:

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I think Jasmine S35 is great

I think Jasmine S35 is great choice for beginners. The Jasmine S-35 guitar features a slim neck together with a full twenty five and a half scale length that provides excellent playability and comfortable feel. The satin finish on the other side is credited for maximizing resonance for a select of sound qualities.

Do Not Buy a Floyd Rose Tremolo.

When buying your first guitar, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT BUY A FLOYD ROSE TREMOLO. Although they may look cool and feel and sound great, it's just not worth the trouble for a beginner.

Sure, it'll always stay in tune, but that's the problem. It always stays in tune. If you wanna tune to a drop tuning, that's really hard to do(unless you have a defined on it). Same with a half step down and anything lower. It takes at least 15 minutes to tune a Floyd Rose and about 30 to restring it. If you want a chunkier distorted sound, one you'd hear from Metallica or Testament, get a guitar with humbuckers. You'd find these pickups in most Dean, Schecter, and Ibanez(along with a ton of others) guitars. Single coil pickups are what you'd find on a Fender Stratocaster, they'll give you a brighter, more bluesy sound. They will also give you a ton of feedback when using a lot of distortion, unlike the humbuckers.

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