What total rubbish product have you bought??

Might be an education to list all the bad gear we have bought and are willing to own up to, OK i'll start off, i once bought 2 VOX distortion pedals from a guitar show, you know what its like you have £30 spare in your pocket and you see a bargain as you are walking out, i paid £30 for a VOX distortion booster and also a valve overdrive pedal, and it was the worst S&%T i have ever bought, i broke one up for its capacitors and stuck the other on ebay, it went for £55 and the guy loved it, but to me it was horrible and fizzy, Once bought an Epi casino which played quite nice til you tried to gig with it, it was like a howling wolf in the band. I also got some of those little Danelectro pedals, i bought 4 of them, a reverb, chorus, digital delay, and a tremelo, and they were very bad, they sucked the tone right out of the guitar, again i bought them without playing them on the spur of the moment, never again.

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Re: a Ross or a Boss???

While in highschool in the late '80s, my guitar playing friends and I all seemed to have one of these:


They weren't bad at low levels for overdriving an amp, but if you cranked them up they sounded terrible. I also had a ProCo Rat that, in my opionion, sounded like crap.

bulsara wrote:
Maybe not total rubbish.

I have a "Godwin Organ Guitar" it is beautifully constructed but overly complicated and so heavy you can not hold it for more that a few minutes at a time. It is a huge acoustic style guitar, the internal space of the body is completely filled with the electronics from an organ.

There are 13 knobs and 19 switches. Each fret is insulated into six sections across it's length so that the strings act as separate earth returns when they are pulled down. Each segment creates a different note from the organ component.

Every time you play a note you get both guitar and organ tunes! It also comes with a huge volume pedal. Apparently it requires 2 separate amps to work. No one has been able to play it successfully at this point.

Has anyone ever played one of these beasts? :?


I read your quote about owning one of these. I've had a Godwin organ that I bought to fix up (and never got around to it). Is it possible you could email me privately so I could ask some in detail questions about how it works and about the expression pedal that came with it? My e-mail address is schmidtp@ipstarmail.com.au

Look forward to hearing from you



4 year bump! I wouldn't hold your breath Pete :?

Still you never know.

The worst bit of kit I ever bought was a Washburn 'Bad Dog' Flanger pedal. It sounded like putting your guitar through one of those telephones kids used to make with two plastic cups and a piece of string. Once you added distortion you just became confused. How could a Flanger fail so utterly to sound like 'Aint talkin bout love'?. The best bit about it was it was a metal casing - what a waste of effort though. I sold it on e-bay and it was accidentally damaged in transit - a fitting end.

I bought this wireless pack once for playing live (first mistake). It was awful, sounded like crap and had a range of about 10 feet. I can't even remember what brand or model it was.

Zoom 506 bass multi (the original black-ish thing with the orange bits) - So plastic it creaks when you stomp (oh...actually, you won't dare stomp...try gingerly jabbing with a toe) and sounds like hundreds of different broken hair-dryers/mopeds.

The worst thing I ever got was a Hondo

I really hope the guy asking for a Hondo valuation doesn't read this :)

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