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Alright... I'm comin up on playin guitar for about 4 and I think I may be ready for a guitar that will last and make me happy for EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't think that playind for four year and the best guitar I've owned was a Dean Vendetta XMS or XM somethin... mixes well. I'm thinking of a Gibson... but want to be cost effective and I don't have the $ for a nice Les Paul or Firebird, so what should I get. Oh and can you change your username because I'm sick of bein called Starcaster man... It cramps my style...although the level of style I posses is uncertain wink

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Oh, when you said Starcaster I thought you meant one of these cool guitars:

not the recent cheap Strat knockoff that has the same name.

Hey, doesn't Rick Olack play a Fender Starcaster? Not enough knobs for my tastes.

Said this sooo many times but I would always buy instruments second hand...more trying required and probably a longer wait but you know what you're going to end up with when you do try them and you avoid the initial plumet in value of most instruments.

there is no 'initial plummet' on an SG..

Used, I would definitely (and always have) hunt the Yamaha SG double-cutaways made in Japan in the 70s. Unfortunately, the chances of catching one for sub $600 are Butkus, at least on eBay. The classified ads are a hope. Also, a guitarist I worked with in the mid 80s to early 90s had an old Gibson Firebird and it was a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Again, though, not something I'd expect to be selling for that sort of money.

lee_UK wrote:
there is no 'initial plummet' on an SG..

True...my drunken generalising...however I really wouldn't want a guitar that I was scared to scratch/buckel-rash/fill with whiskey etc etc...tho maybe says more about me :oops:

Has anyone mentioned Tokai? Burny? Greco? Orville? they do some great 70's and 80's Gibson copies and they will increase in value, i have a Tokai Reborn, it's a 1979 model, quite rare, i bought it on ebay 3 or 4 yrs ago for £427, ive seen the same guitar go on ebay 2 months back for nearly a thousand.
It sounds and looks like a Gibson too.

look around for the Japanese made Yamahas and Tokais

Yup, I said it. IIRC, the Tokai "Love Rock" sells for less in the US than in Britain at the moment, as Japanese 70s copies are not so picked up on over there just yet.

OK... but you guys didn't answer my question... what do you guys think of the Epiphone Firebirds?

Ive never played one, BUT, they are supposed to be excellent provided you get the LTD edition model, there are still a few out there but they have now stopped making it. I was thinking of buying one myself, but then i started looking at Gibson, lots more money, but i do like Gibson, i always found the main difference between Epi and Gibson are the necks, the Gibsons always feel better to me.

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