Marshall announces Randy Rhoads 1959RR Amp

Marshall has announced the 1959RR Randy Rhoads signature amp. I don't know too much about it, other than it's a 100 watter, with a three band EQ, three ECC83 pre-amp valves, four EL43 power amp valves, and cascade mod. Head only and no price or release date at the moment. Looks good hey....

1959RR Randy Rhoads

1959RR Randy Rhoads


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Come on Marshall. Stop living in the past.
You havent made a decent amp since the JCM800.

The 900 sucked, the 2000 sucked less, TSL well that was just a 2000.
The mode four was a blender with speaker jacks.
The Vintage Modern was 15 years too late and the JVM was micro processor. If we wanted a computer, we would have asked! Damn I wonder if I can plug in a USB flash drive!!!

What you need to do is release a 2 or 3 channel head with gain like a modified JCM800 on steriods and make it look like a plexi.
Parallel the knobs and make it affordable and all tube.

That we bring people back to Marshall.

Now we all remember how good you used to be.... all those years ago.

Bollocks !
The 800 rocked, the 900 rocked harder, the 2000 sucked and blew up every 15 minutes.

this amp dos'nt look, or sound too bad! there's some good video's of it on youtube. to me, this amp is up there. thak you marshall for making something GOOD after the jcm800.

everything marshall has made is good ive owned everthing from plexi heads and basketweave cabnets to the new 2000 stuff it is all good the 800 series was a very clean and very loud however my mode 4 with a boss metal zone is a raging slab of metal it sounds nothing like a blender so the tone master needs to get his hearing checked or just shut it.

I live near San Luis Obispo in California. Does anybody know where I can get one of these, anywhere near here? and nothing like the crap from ebay. I've searched like 3 pages of google, and no one was selling it. Any info, please send me a link or something-

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