BC Audio introduces Tube Guitar Amps in Ammo Cans

BC Audio is now offering visual styling options for its critically acclaimed Amplifier No.7, a 15 or 25 watt boutique guitar amp housed in rugged military surplus ammo cans. BC Audio has developed a source of newly manufactured ammo cans, untouched by the military, which become the “Clean” style Amplifier No. 7.

Tube Guitar Amps in Ammo Cans

Additionally, BC Audio has uncovered a stash of ammo cans that have a distinctive “fresh-off-the-battlefield” look – a sandier shade of olive drab, more stenciled lettering, over-painted areas, military identification stickers and the like. These become the “Extreme” style. The traditional style offered to date is now called “Classic.”

Price: US$1,795

For more information, please visit www.bcaudio.com

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