Sonic Wind CS - Open Chamber Guitar

The Sonic Wind CS is a slightly curvy new take on the Sonic Wind's modern open chamber guitar design.

Sonic Wind CS
Open body chamber

The Sonic Wind CS adds a gently curved "waist" to its jet engine like body as a nod to traditional guitar design.

Aside from the waist and mahogany tone woods, everything about its body is anything but traditional.

This new member of the Sonic Wind series has the same open chamber body, which is a far cry from the familiar, old school body designs.

Hector claims that his body design helps the guitar achieve improved resonance when compared to the average solid body.

The guitar features a neck through design that is crafted from maple wood. The body allows the neck to be isolated which apparently helps improve sustain.

Sonic Wind CS

He equipped the guitar with low output Jason Lollar humbuckers to balance the bright maple neck, resulting in a more balanced even tonality.

The pickups are controlled by a versatile 5-way switching circuit which gives you full neck or bridge humbucker, inner or outer coils parallel, or inner coils-series. This gives you versatile pickup performance and a variety of tones.

Here is a video demo that features the original Sonic Wind guitar for your reference:

The Sonic Wind CS guitar is set for a limited production run of 20 pieces and is packaged with a molded hardcase and a 10 year limited warranty from the maker.

Sonic Wind is currently only available from the maker and are priced at breath taking $2295.

If you are looking to add a breath of fresh "wind" into your guitar collection, you can visit Sonic Wind.

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Sonic Wind CS (Certified Snakeoil) Guitar

Never ceases to amaze me how every day brings another stupid claim (this time: greater 'resonance') and yet an even uglier design than last week's goofy new guitar. In fact, this one goes beyond ugly. We need to come up with a word that somehow combines stupid and ugly into one. Hey, you eager beavers, want to know the real secret of things like 'resonance' and 'tone'? It's called a million hours of steady playing over years and years to get the right touch (yes, it's ALL in the fingers, thankfully), and no new guitar invention is going to short-cut you to the glory. For you suckers who still go for this dog, I hope you don't hurt yourselves on any of that dumb wood sticking out here and there.

Could not be said any better

Well said!!!

Its just looks cumbersome to

Its just looks cumbersome to play with, knobs seem to be a bit to far off and the body is huge!


Yes it is really an ugly thing to look at. I don't know why anybody would consider buying it.

Part of what I love so much about guitars are all of their beautiful curves and shapes...the sexy looks are a big part of what makes 'em so appealing too. They're just so interesting to look at.

This box...doesn't do much to arouse my interest...and just because someone can hammer out some lead parts with what?

Like the other fellow said...anybody who pays their dues by putting in the hard work with thousands of hours spent learning the licks can bring out these kind of sounds with most any decent electric. So who needs another ugly duckling.

All due respect ain't the's the archer! Who's fooling who?

This guitar amounts to being a conversation piece at best.

I say save your money...or waste it on this "thing".

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