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When Tony Guarriello set out to create his Tregan guitar line, he wanted to make guitars for the beginner and intermediate player. They had to be of high quality, have an eye-popping design, but they also be available at an affordable price. Did he succeed? You be the judge.

"Every guitar from the headstock to the rear strap button, was designed for looks, feel and sound. I've added things that you would normally find on much more expensive guitars, like custom inlays, rosewood and Ebony fretboards and custom built necks" Tony says on the Tregan website.

"Whether you have twenty-two frets or twenty-four, a player should be able to reach them all, so every Tregan guitar has deep cutouts for easy reach to all the frets. When you pick up a Tregan you will notice that it feels right, with good weight and balance. A guitar that is comfortable to play."

Two types of body designs will be available for Tregan models:

- The Standard Series covers all the necessities: low action, rosewood fretboard, woods such as mahogany, alder and ash, Grover tuners and Wilkinson tremolos.

- The Signature Series adds extra perks like quilted and flame maple tops, Mother of pearl inlays and extra pickup options, and more.

Price List for the models below: (added 02/08/2007)

Tony Guarriello was kind enough to send me out a list of prices for the Tregan line. Remember, these prices are MSRP. Retailers will of course probably set their price lower. As with anything, these details may change.

Guitar - # of Versions - MSRP

Shaman STD - 3 - $ 754.00

Shaman Sig - 2 - $ 914.00

Syren STD - 4 - $ 760.00

Syren Sig - 2 - $ 938.00

Firewick STD - 2 - $ 766.00

Firewick STD (Ash Fire Sunburst) - 1 - $ 814.00

Firewick Sig I - 1 - $ 890.00

Firewick Sig II - 1 - $ 962.00

Shaman Bass Std - 3 - $ 820.00

Shaman Bass Sig I - 1 - $ 1,056.00

Models that will be available from Tregan September 2007:

Syren (PDF Sales Brochure)

Eye-popping design? Check. I can't test the sound but one thing is for sure, the Syren is definitely unique.

Tregan Syren

Syren Standard Dragonburst / Black

Tregan Syren

Syren Signature II Liquid Blueburst

Tregan Syren

Syren Standard Red / Black

Syren product website can be found here.

Shaman (PDF Sales Brochure)

I'm not so sure where this design fits in. I didn't like it at first, but it is growing. Much more simple than the Syren and I can envision it as a more popular choice.

Tregan Shaman

Shaman Standard Midnight Black

Tregan Shaman

Shaman Signature I Fire Sunburst

Tregan Shaman

Shaman Standard Antique White

Shaman product website can be found here.

Firewick (PDF Sales Brochure)

The design personally isn't for me, but I really can't fault the workmanship and ideas put into this one.

Tregan Firewick

Firewick Signature I Fire Sunburst

Tregan Firewick

Firewick Signature II Vintage Two Tone

Tregan Firewick

Firewick standard black

Firewick product website can be found here.

Shaman Bass (PDF Sales Brochure)

Now, this is I dig. Makes me think of a curvy Warlock.

Tregan Shaman Bass

Shaman Standard Midnight Black

Tregan Shaman Bass

Shaman Signature I

Tregan Shaman Bass

Shaman Standard Antique White

Shaman Bass product website can be found here.


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I like the basses but seriously, what is with the firewick?

awesome new modles i love the style!!!!!!
i want one!! i love the firewick style sooooo hot!!
hope to get one!! what will they think of next?

you guys must have very rich beginners to the guitar world every guitarist i know would never dream of spending more than about $300 on there first guitar never mind over $1000
yet it say's that they are for beginners to intermediate players

I got a brand new Tregan

I got a brand new Tregan Syren standard green yellow MSRP 899.99 with original plastic coverings still on it for $200 cash off craigslist. Unbelievable guitar. It makes me want to play so much more because it is a comfortable guitar to play, and not to mention the sound is phenomenal.

*MSRP $760.00* ^

*MSRP $760.00* ^

I am proud to be the first dealer for Tregan Guitars! I have all pricing information, and virtually any information you want available upon request. Keep in mind the prices you see are MSRP, and also keep in mind, all of the features that come on these guitars, that are not normally seen on beginner, and intermediate guitars! Such as, high quality woods, active electronics, Grover Tuners, wilkinson bridges, Custom inlay, ebony fingerboards, custom built necks, etc. I have sat down and personally played every one of the models, and I would take any of them home in a heartbeat! If you want more information on the Tregan products, you can contact me through my websites contact information. I would be more than happy to help with any questions, comments, etc. This is definately, a company to keep an eye out for. High Quality products, for an intermediate price!
I am also taking preorders, so if anyone is interested let me know!

i love all of them i dont care what anyone says!
-isaac littrell

I just played the Syren Signature I Dragonburst at TNT Music and this guitar sounds awesome!!! The style is on point and the active pickups are great. It has great sound both clean and distorted. I would recomend this guitar to anyone.

Prices are way too high for a no name brand. Shapes are too extreem for most (uggly o me). The site is nowhere to be found. No name artist promoting doesn't help much. The only know dealer is Spamming this board. LMAO

And the guitar shown in Guitar Player is a teaser, not even availale to the public. Kind of like the carrot and the stick, or the bait and switch. Take your pick.

Don't know what you are talking about. I didn't have any trouble finding Tregan on the web, just googled tregan guitars, found lots, even their myspace page. that's how I found this site.
how can you expect a new company to shell out the big bucks to get famous artists?
and i've seen other ads in GP and GW with their other guitars.
I think some are rad, others not so much my taste. but at least their different. not another strat clone.
they got good reviews from guitar world. I'll check them out.
to each his own, i guess.

music is about picking any instrument and making it sound good, sure its about picking the right voice for the project but the tregans that I have played ,one of which I own(syren) being a fan of unique instruments/gear pig, are fantastic and versatile. I think that people should listen with thier ears and not let said publications cloud what could be a fantastic instrument. Which that said most reviews I have seen or heard are good , that said...maybe it wont be that long before some fellas on mtv buy one and those of you worried about brand names can then rest assured you have found quality. I am not employed by either party though I like to from time to time?

The hardware and woods here are second to tone. Ebony fretboards, bone nuts, grovers, etc. It's actually an under-priced guitar. Tony, ignore that last sentance. Just because some play the most popular instruments, doesn't mean they are playing the best. I was so intreaged with these guitars that I called Tony and became a Tregan dealer. The gear is going up today on my website so if you don't see it call or email me. is where you'll find everything.

GAD> I hardly think a dealer posting where to buy the stuff from is "spamming", it was just an informative post.

Fact of the matter is, these are great guitars,and are at a good price point for what you're getting. They've managed to get quite a few dealers at this point, so they must be doing something right.

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