Radial SB-15 Tailbone Signal Buffer

Radial Engineering announces the shipping availability of the compact signal buffer box, SB-15 Tailbone.

SB-15 Tailbone

It is meant to sit at the beginning of the signal chain to reduce unwanted noise that usually comes with multiple guitar pedal setups.

The SB-15 Tailbone starts with a standard hi-Z instrument input which is then 'tamed' using Radial's unique Dragster load correction circuit. According to the official press release, " it replicates the tone and feel as if connected directly to the amplifier".

The incoming signal is then buffered via a 100% discrete, class-A unity gain amplifier. Instead of using Integrated Circuits or ICs to buffer the signal, the unit's discrete design reduces the need for phase-cancelling negative feedback, resulting in what the brand claims as a more "natural pleasing and pleasing tone".

SB-15 Tailbone uses the same class-A buffer as the one found on the Radial JD7, used by big name guitarists that include Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Steve Lukather, just to name a few. Because the signal is buffered, it lowers the circuit impedance and reduces susceptibility to hum and buzz caused by radio interference and electromagnetic fields. The SB-15 Tailbone is said to be capable of driving multiple pedals with a distance of 15 meters without noise.

The signal buffer also doubles as a 15VDC supply for Radial Tonebone pedals. Radial President Peter Janis explains, "Over the years, we have received many requests to make our big Tonebone pedals work with 9V power bricks. Although 9 volts is plenty for average pedals, the higher voltage (15V) and double the average current (400 milliamps) increases the headroom and dynamic range. So instead of reducing the quality we have come up with a cool solution that takes two 9V outputs from a power brick and combines them to deliver the 15 volts."

The SB-15 Tailbone is now shipping with a retail price of $90. More information will soon be available at Radial Engineering.

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