Vox Analog Valve Series

Vox unveil the new Analog Valve line of amplifiers, a multi-voiced tube amp with eight different analog preamp circuits.

Vox Analog Valve Series

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The aim of this new amp line is to provide sonic versatility without compromising genuine analog circuitry, Vox basically stuffed the amp with multiple analog circuits that you can switch into to get different tones.

Drawing from their decades of amp building experience, Vox designed the Analog Valve Series to provide the sound of eight popular amps packed inside a single tube-driven amplifier. They achieved this by installing eight analog preamp circuits that give the amp it’s multiple tones, which cover everything from clean to Brit crunch, and all the way to high gain.

The switchable preamps are all driven by 12AX7 tube(s) which give each of the tones tube warmth and quality. In addition to the various voicings, the Valve Stage section lets you modify the tone at the preamp itself, with adjustments for brightness and bass response. You can also adjust the bias and response of the power amp section for even more tone shaping.

Vox Brand Manager Brian Picollo said, “With eight different analog preamp circuits, the AV series is able to accurately reproduce the sound of eight classic tube amps. In addition to the coveted AC30 top boost sound, it also covers a wide range of tones from clean to high-gain, including a sound that is reminiscent of the rare AC15 with EF86 tubes,” added Piccolo.

The new Analog Valve (AV) Series currently has three models to choose from, the smallest of which is the AV15 with 15 Watts and an 8″ speaker. The AV30 offers a step up in terms of power with 30 Watts and a 10″ speaker, and it has two 12AX7 Tubes. Last but not the least is the flagship model AV60 which has the same two 12AX7 tubes but with more power at 60 Watts and a bigger speaker at 12″.

As expected from Vox, they packed these combo amps with essential effects that include reverb, delay and chorus. These effects work in conjunction with the 8 preamps to give you an even wider spectrum of available tones.

The cabinet design of the new AV series was designed to complement the company’s the multi-preamp design. The baffle and cabinet is built using one-piece construction so that speaker vibrations are supported by the entire cabinet, reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the efficiency of sound projection. The speaker is front mounted on all three models to achieve a louder and clearer tone that’s less directional. There’s also a bass reflex design built-into the cabinet for improved low frequencies.

Check out the official video demo of the new Vox Analog Valve Series:

Plugging in your headphones on these amps give you access to the same cabinet simulator as found on Vox’ popular amPlug, with some tweaks to convey space better. Other features include Aux input, external speaker output and expansion send/return jacks.

Brian concludes. “The AV Series is perhaps the most revolutionary tube amps in all of VOX’s long history. The signing tone of a tube amp, the stunning presence … there’s a certain sound that can only be attained by analog circuitry and by a tube amp in particular. While multi-voice tube amps do exist, they are few and far between, and hardly ever affordable.

The entire AV Series line is now available, with the AV15 retailing for $229.99, AV30 for $329.99, and the AV60 for $429.99. For more information, you can head over to Vox Amplification.

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