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The Best Phaser Pedals

Be it for psychedelic warble, high end shimmer, or for jet plane swoosh, phaser pedals have provided guitarists with a unique voice that has changed the musical landscape.

Greer Super Hornet Octave Fuzz

Greer Amps announces that it is now shipping their new NOS-based circuit octave fuzz pedal called Super Hornet.

Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro

Pigtronix introduces the Philosopher's Tone Micro, a compact version of their trademark compressor pedal.

Boss Waza Craft TU-3W Tuner

Boss expands their Waza Craft series pedal with the TU-3W Chromatic Tuner, with switchable buffered or true-bypass operation.

Rocktron MicroHush Pedal

Rocktron introduces the MicroHush, a compact micro-pedal version of their popular Hush noise reduction pedal.

TC Electronic WireTap Riff Recorder

TC Electronic introduces the WireTap Riff Recorder, a compact pedal that is specifically designed for high quality capture of song ideas.

Amptweaker FatMetal Pro Distortion Pedal

Amptweaker introduces the new FatMetal Pro, an update to the original FatMetal distortion with expanded controls.

Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive

Seymour Duncan introduces the new Forza Overdrive effects pedal, launched exclusively at Chicago Music Exchange.

TC Electronic Sub 'N' Up Octaver Pedal

TC Electronic expand their TonePrint line with a new multi-feature octave pedal called the Sub 'N' Up Octaver.

Demeter Tremulator Plus

James Demeter updates the first pedal he created, adding extra features and releasing it as the new Tremulator Plus.

Earthquake Devices Gray Channel Overdrive Pedal

Earthquake Devices unveil the Gray Channel, a versatile overdrive pedal with two channels and multiple clipping modes.

DigiTech Dirty Robot Stereo Mini-Synth Pedal

DigiTech unveils their latest synthesizer effect, the Dirty Robot, a compact pedal with two selectable synth modes.

Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer - Preamp & Effects for Acoustic Guitar

Boss unveils the VE-8 Acoustic Singer, a preamp and effects solution for acoustic guitar wielding singer-songwriters.

Radial Tonebone Bumper

Conveniently switch between multiple instruments (up to four), with the new Radial Tonebone Bumper.

DigiTech Whammy Ricochet Pedal

DigiTech unveils the Whammy Ricochet, a pedal version of their popular pitch shifting effect with no foot treadle.

MXR Reverb Pedal

Jim Dunlop introduces the MXR Reverb, featuring selectable six distinct reverb types, packed in a compact form factor.

Dunlop Volume X Mini Pedal

Jim Dunlop introduces the Volume X Mini Pedal, a compact and feature packed version of their popular volume pedal.

Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage Pedal

Seymour Duncan introduces the Palladium Gain Stage, a pedal designed to replicate high-gain tube amps.

EHX Mel9 Tape Relay Machine Pedal

Electro-Harmonix introduces the new Mel9 Tape Replay Machine, a pedal that transforms your guitar signal into classic Mellotron sounds.

Radial Mix-Blender Pedal

Radial Engineering Ltd announces the availability of the newest member of their Tonebone line, the Mix-Blender Pedal.

Korg Pitchblack Mini Tuner

Korg releases the Pitchblack Mini (PBmini) Tuner, carrying the same high precision tuning and functionality of its predecessor, only smaller.

John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah JP95

Jim Dunlop and virtuoso John Petrucci team up to create the new JP95 Signature Cry Baby Wah, fine tuned to meet the needs of prog metal shredders.

TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper

TC Electronic expands their Ditto pedal line up with the new X4 version, with more features and looping possibilities.

The Best Guitar Pedals by Effects Category

We are constantly researching the best effects of all types, and for the first time we bring all of that information together in one place with this roundup of the best guitar pedals in each effect category.

EHX Soul Pog

Electro-Harmonix unveils the Soul Pog, a hybrid of their two popular pedals, the Sould Food Overdrive and the Nano Pog Polyphonic Octave Generator.

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