EHX Epitome Multi-Effect Pedal

The EHX Epitome is generating quite a buzz, featuring three effects in one - Micro Pog, Stereo Electric Mistress and Holy Grail Plus.

EHX Epitome Multi-Effect Pedal

This new multi-effect pedal from Electro-Harmonix gives you octave, flanging, chorus and reverb in one package.

The Micro POG gives you polyphonic effects, providing octaves below and above your guitar's pitch. The Stereo Electric Mistress gives you EHX popular flanging and chorus sounds, while the Holy Grail Plus section gives you their brand of reverbs. The combination of these three pedals create some very interesting sounds, from subtle cleans to organ-like sounds, including deep and complicated synth like tones.

The effects in the Epitome multi-effect pedal are independent and can be engaged via dedicated footswitches. Each effect also comes with their own control knobs, letting you make parameter adjustments the analog way without having to scroll through setting menus. This pedal is essentially three separate pedals stitched together physically for convenience.

The first effect in this chain is the Micro Pog, which comes with Dry, Octave Up and Sub Octave controls. The Stereo Electric Mistress comes with simple controls for Flanger and Chorus depths, while a rate knob is also provided for controlling modulation speed. To visualize the modulation, the pedal comes with an LED that pulsates with your Rate setting.

Rounding up the unit is the Holy Grail Plus, which gives you 4 modes to choose from - Spring, Hall, Room and Flerb(flange and Reverb). It comes with a Blend knob for controlling the wet and dry mix, while the AMT(Amount) knob controls the modulation rate when Flerb is selected. A nifty Shimmer button is also included which reconfigures the pedal so that the Stereo Electric Mistress is at the end of the chain, giving the multi-effect a whole new voice. When in Flerb mode, the Shimmer button transforms the Grail into a digital delay with the POG in its feedback path, in this mode, the AMT knob controls delay time.

EHX released a video demo that showcases the pedal's versatility and voices, and quite many have expressed interest. You can watch it below:

The Electro-Harmonix Epitome is currently retailing online for around $369.. More information is available from EHX.

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