1 on 1 Webcam Guitar Lessons

For this week's guitar video we thought we'd try something a little different. This is a classical guitar lesson by George Schmidt, who provides one on one webcam lessons.

George has over 30 years of full time teaching experience and his method of teaching is the result of a process that has been refined over many years of practical and professional experience.

The styles of music offered in his curriculum range from Classical, Flamenco, Classic Rock, Blues, Folk or Jazz.

The main focus of the studies is on learning to play actual songs, which I personally feel is a better way to pick up technique. Specific pieces are broken down and presented in order of technical situations and difficulty. This allows you to develop technical skills whilst enjoying it a bit more.

Being private lessons they content can be tailored to your needs and you can move forward at a pace that suits you.

In addition to the live Skype online webcam lessons he also provides each student with charts in PDF format and recorded breakdowns in the form of mp3's and video clips at no additional cost. These are sent as attachments forwarded to you via email. These are wonderful extra aids to help in your comprehension of the material.

If you are interested in finding out how to sign up and get started, or need more info you can access his website at www.southwestguitarinstruction.com

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