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    My grandfather gave me this. He bought it in 1964, and the 6 digit # on the back is 924560, so we think it was made in 1960. It is a 20 fret Rosewood with the sunburst design, and I can’t find any info on it. I’m just learning, and I want to know anything I can, especially if my parents should insure it or not, so the value would be a good thing to know too.

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      The Melody Maker was an ‘entry level’ Gibson, probably the most affordable of the range, most had a single P90 pickup, and i think there were a few with 2 P90’s, i once played a ’69 Melody maker, it had the single P90 and it was a dream, i remember the price was £850 because i was toying with the idea of buying it, so i would think yours being a bit older would be worth $2000 – $2500. You would do a lot better holding on to it, they are fantastic guitars.

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