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    Folks, up for grabs is definitely a FANTASTIC and RARE find… this is a 1969 (ser. #5xx207) Gibson Les Paul BLACK BEAUTY CUSTOM, that is really in fantastic condition for her age! Folks, this baby has a WHOLE LOTTA factory shine, something you don’t usually see on a late 60’s Les Paul! Any Black Beauty lover knows that these guitars truly represent the epitome of a ROCK + ROLL guitar… they are like the HARLEY DAVIDSON of guitars, and ANYONE would look like a ROCK STAR playing an axe like this one! And this particular Black Beauty is in seriously great condition for her 30-PLUS year age! And as mentioned above, this Les Paul is in really awesome condition! When I first looked at her, I could have sworn she had to be a refinish, because I have never seen a late 60’s Custom with as much factory "shine" as this… but then I checked for the serial #, which is there, although a bit faded… I also checked the edges, the neck, headstock, etc., and all paint looks totally original. Then I thought, HOLY COW, this baby is CLEAN! Regarding originality, I can state the obvious. Her knobs and toggle switch ring are definitely newer, as are her frets, which are newer jumbo frets (great for the Black Beauty lover who is NOT a big fan of "fretless wonder" frets). Her pickups are what I believe to be the Dimarzio Super Distortion creme pickups. Excellent! She has some shiny chrome Grover tuners, which may be original… they look so good that I wasn’t sure, but then again, her other parts are also still quite shiny, as is the rest of this beautiful guitar! She is STUNNING!!!
    Let’s talk about the condition of her top… folks, I have seen 3-year old tops with more wear on their tops than this late 60’s Black Beauty has! What a beautiful axe, with that awesome chrome hardware reflecting on that shiny ebony paint! Spectacular! To continue on to her frets- her refret was a beautiful job, and the frets are in great shape- cool! Her headstock is nice and clean, too, naturally aged yet really sweet-looking. Tops this guitar off beautifully!!!

    If you flip this Black Beauty over to the back, you can see that she is again beautifully clean for an early guitar! There is no bucklewear/paint removal present at all that you typically see on a guitar this age, this sweet vintage axe is CLEAN for her age! The back of the neck is also gorgeous and clean, and the medium size of the neck makes it feel totally comfortable and "buttery" smooth to play! I see a bit of wear on one side of the back of the headstock, I would imagine from polishing. The back of the headstock is in beautiful shape, and as mentioned above she has what I believe to be her original Grover tuners with no extra holes. Finally, there are NO headstock/neck breaks or repairs either, she is SOLID! And then… when you PLUG this BLACK BEAUTY in… WOW- get ready to JAM! Her LOOKS alone are enough to get ya groovin’ but with that vintage Les Paul CUSTOM TONE on top of it? You’ll swear you died and went to heaven! Her tone is AMAZING and PURE Les Paul! Overall? Folks, if you have been searching for a CLEAN, BADA*S VINTAGE Black Beauty Custom, than this could be your dream come true! She is mint-this is one AWESOME and clean Gibson Les Paul guitar! She’s been beautifully preserved in her 30 PLUS years, and it shows. Yup, she’s got it all… GORGEOUS, STRIKING looks, in great condition, and with a sweet yet FAT tone with a HOT CLASSIC ROCK + ROLL LOOK to go along with it, this baby is truly the ULTIMATE in a VINTAGE ROCK GUITAR- she ROCKS!!!

    This BLACK BEAUTY also comes with it’s ORIGINAL 60’s GIBSON hardshell case, in nice, gently used condition. Shipping for this BLACK BEAUTY will be 0.00 in the U.S. for Fedex Ground insured. International shipping will be determined after you email me with your location, but usually runs in the area of 00 via the Canada Post Office. I can only accept the following, money order, or cashier’s check (NO personal checks, please). INTERNATIONAL buyers may pay via direct bank wire transfer, International postal money order, Western Union, or Moneygram.
    Email me directly at [email protected]

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      Nice guitar

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