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    Here’s a new vid featuring my twenty-five year old Fender “cost cutter – two knob” USA Strat. I bought it new in 84, and it’s a sweet American made guitar. This is the 83-84 model with the “Freeflyte” top loader trem, and the input jack where the 2nd tone knob would usually go. No input jack or back route – really weird if you’ve never seen one.

    Thing is, they’re really good guitars. I’ve put a ton of info on the 83-84s on this blog post – if you’re a Strat geek, check it out. Those were rough times for Fender, but it’s a great guitar, and kinda unique. I used a video camera with XLR ins and dumped the audio into protools, so it’s not the usual YouTube guitar sound.

    Click here for the vid & a long & geekish history of the 83-84s – (which Fender intended to be the “next” Strat back in the day):

    Thanks guys – MC

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