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    I own a Cort VX-2V guitar. I am planning to get some pedals for myself and have zeroed on the following:
    1) Boss distortion DS1.
    2) Boss chorus CH1.
    3) Boss Overdrive pedal.

    Kindly advice me if the combination is advisable or not? Also any other pedals that I can switch into. My basic requirement is a good metal distortion pedal, a chorus pedal and an overdrive pedal.

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      Tim, my main genres’ are blues and 70’s type classic rock, I have a tube amp so a gain boost, (OD) makes a nice tone change from clean, the OD helps milk the amp without having to crank the volume, it’s really only listenable for practice up to 2/12 or three, as it’s a 100W twin 12, I bought it for gigging but the tone is so sweet ,I just have to use it for practice too, it’s why I mentioned the twin OD, thinking I can use it to boost both clean and “lead” channels without blowing myself out of the music room.

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      I have a Boss DS-1, for the cost it’s a nice pedal (even better if you can pick it up second hand, mine was £30ish GBP!) For me it’s a bit too much but that’s because I want fuzzy-grunt/overdrive and the DS-1 is definitely distortion, for metal stuff though, I like it.
      However, we’re going on Alexander’s assumption with the metal thing…what genre/style are you thinking of playing? I use the Boss ODB-3 bass overdrive for fuzzy stoner-rock and it’s gorgeous, again pawn-shop £30ish, very flexible pedal, if it’s guitar brethren is anything similar and you’re looking for more of a rock vibe, worth a play.

      Personally I wouldn’t run distortion and overdrive, haven’t tried it I must admit, but I think you’d lose too much clarity…

      Tasteful chorus can work nicely and yeah, as Alexander said, delay if you want the more shreddy thing…

      Lastly, if you’ve got the guts (not sure I could do it…) Go to a registered Boss supplier, most have a pedal board setup of all the pedals and a bunch of patch leads allowing you to try before you buy.

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      I’ve not tried them, but the GFS pups are well regarded for the price, according to people whose ops I trust. Interested to hear from anyone who’s tried the pedals.

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      Just a side note to the above conversation, I’ve noticed several interesting pedals on a web seller site called guitarfetish dot com, they seem to be very well constructed and some of them have sound bites to demonstrate the effect achieved, I’ve been very interested in the dual overdrive myself, although the blues screamer looks good too. This is not an ad for the site but the prices seem to be very friendly too.

      Moderators if this posting is not kosher please just delete, I’ll understand.

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      I don’t play metal so my input is strictly personal. take it or leave it makes no difference to me.

      I would think in playing for the genre of metal music, besides a high gain distortion, that a limiter/compressor pedal might be a useful thing, I agree with what Tim said about delay/chorus too.

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      I’m assuming that you are into metal music, for that you need a distortion pedal that gives plenty of gain and low-frequency emphasis. You will rarely need the overdrive pedal in conventional metal music, so instead of having a distortion and overdrive pedal, I recommend just having one good high-gain pedal like the Wampler Triple Wreck. A delay pedal would also make a good addition to your planned rig.

      This will help if you need more info on distortion pedals:

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