ALESIS GuitarLink Plus – 1 Cable to connect your Guitar to your Computer

ALESIS have announced the immediate availability of GuitarLink Plus, which connects guitars to computers with a single USB cable.

GuitarLink Plus

What they’ve done is packed the analog-to-digital converter into the USB plug – which makes for a more convenient system.

It only offers one conversion rate: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital-audio straight to a computer from 1/4″ to USB. On the upside there are no drivers to install , GuitarLink Plus connects plug-and-play to Mac or PC.

As a sweetener it comes bundled with Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE software so you can be up and running straight away with effects including distortion, reverb and more. 

Guitar Rig LE shapes your guitar sound with a multitude of emulations of classic amplifiers and effects pedals, and it can record what you play within the software.

“Getting your guitar recorded into your computer has always required a fair amount of time and patience,” said Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis. “GuitarLink Plus not only makes recording to a computer drop-dead simple, it includes everything a guitar player needs to jam with different effects thanks to the included Guitar Rig LE software.”

System Requirements

Mac: OS 9 or higher

PC: Windows XP or Vista

USB port

In summary you probably won’t see this in use for professional recording due to the limitations of the A/D conversion, but with an estimated street price of $69 it offers enough value to find a market.

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  1. guitarlinksplus

    this is revolutionary keep up the great work the recording systems available are too complex in this high tech era ,why? with only 2 channel reproduction.

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