AlumiSonic Guitars showcases the new 1100 Custom Aluminum Archtop Guitar

The 1100 Custom is a technologically advanced 8-1/2 pound aluminum and mahogany hybrid guitar design. Like its predecessor the Ultra 1100, the 1100 Custom is the world's only Aluminum archtop guitar with classic carve top contours and proportions.

The 1100 Custom has many new optional features including the worlds first removable Mahogany pickup chamber plugs for hollow to semi hollow conversion. Other options include detachable pickup micro plugs, the new and innovative Stetsbar Pro II Tremolo, and Piezo acoustic sound with 13 pin Midi output capabilities.

1100 Custom Aluminum Archtop Guitar

AlumiSonic's new and innovative Convertible Mahogany chambering system is based on an internal Mahogany frame that holds a Mahogany dampening plug behind each pickup. The plug protects the back of the pickup from the feedback resonance of the surrounding hollow body area for better resistance during high overdrive playing. The chamber plug also filters controlled aluminum resonance from direct contact with the back of the body and into the tone-wood chamber.

1100 Custom Aluminum Archtop Guitar

By removing the four pickup ring screws during a string change the Mahogany chamber plug can easily be removed for hollow body conversion independently per pickup. This conversion allows for deep aluminum hollow body sustain with rich, crystal-clear low and high response, selectively combined with the tone of a classic Mahogany carvetop guitar. Along with the option of detachable pickups with micro plugs installed by AlumiSonic, this relatively simple operation makes the AlumiSonic

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