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    hi, just for you who like or play guitar heres an amazing “gotta check out” site, check it out
    here it is
    Guitar players get out of your rut

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      axe murderer or guitarist? he looks like the kind who likes sharpening heavy steel objects whilst rocking in a chair humming ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ .

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      And there was I thinking that someone had finally noticed what an amazing guitar site Guitarsite really is. One day, we’ll be complimented 😆

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      With the amount of “secrets” this will teach you – I had to double check that Colonel Sanders wasn’t running it.

      The first paragraph alone had me in fits of laughter:

      “This Controversial Guitar Site Unveils How A Limited Offer to Obtain Stunning Secrets Has Some Guitar “Gurus” Enraged, Up In Arms, And Scrambling For Cover!…”

      Coooooooome on.

      “This program is NOT for:
      3) Guitar players who want to spend too much time practicing.”

      Reminds me of 6 Minute Abs and 3.2 Minute Buttocks. Here’s the 22 Minute guitar practice session. I dunno, but I don’t think anything outweighs the obvious benefits of some hard work and persistence.

      Andrew’s guide may well be wonderful, I don’t know, but the lame marketing spin leaves me to really question its usefulness. I see very little as to what the program actually offers. Is it anything that a quality book loaned from the library or free guides from the web will not?

      Here’s a review:

      One positive from that review is it looks like Andrew is a good bloke if you are not satisfied with the product and will honor his guarantee.

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