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    Can anyone tell me if ive made a big mistake or not? I just bought my husband an old silvertone amp, model 1434? 1959? it works bu i dont know if it is worth anything or not. He collects old amps and i need to know if i did the right thing. ?

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      Rose, you make a great wife 🙂 . Although the Sears Silvertone amps were originally designed as beginner/student amps, their simplicity is their strength. Aspen Pittman, who owns the “Groove Tubes” operation and a whole heap of highly priced “classic” vintage amps, thought highly enough of them to feature them in his Tube Amp book.

      By analogy, Fender brought out a simple valve bass combo amp for students. I’d love to get hold of one, but others (both lead and bass guitarists) keep outbidding me. You certainly haven’t wasted money (unless you paid a heckuva lot).

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      Check different places to compare average prices.
      If it is in operating condition then good job.
      It’s the thought that counts.
      I have a few older amps myself. One, Sears Silvertone of which I received brand new in 1965. Reverb went crazy but everything else works.
      As they say… How many guitars or amps does one man need???

      (answ)….One more!!!

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