AmpKit App & AmpKit LiNK Guitar Interface Review for iPhone and iPad

No doubt you are totally aware of the iRig and Amplitude combination from IK Mulitmedia, but you may not be aware that there are a number of alternative options out there both for the hardware to connect to your iOS device, and for the software you can run on it.


The following videos provide a thoughtful review of the guitar amp, cabinet, pedal and mic modeling app AmpKit from Agile Partners, plus the AmpKit LiNK hardware from Peavey Electronics that lets you plug your guitar or bass into an iPhone or iPad.

One of the features of AmpKit LiNK is the fact that it is powered – sure that means you have to supply batteries instead of it simply being powered by the USB supply, but that means you don’t end up with the electricity supply causing interference to the audio signal from your guitar.

Another one is that LiNK utilizes metal around the jack sockets, whereas iRig only has plastic. Although neither of these two guitar interfaces have been around long enough for the final word to be spoken, my first guess is that the metal option provides for sturdier hardware that will last longer – but time will tell.

In case you are wondering who the heck Agile Partners are, well don’t worry too much, because they teamed up with none less than Peavey to deliver these products.

Anyway, I’m sure you’d rather watch the videos than read what I have to say – so here are the AmpKit reviews:

For more information on AmpKit LiNK go to Peavey’s page at and to get the software go to the iTunes pages for AmpKit Free or AmpKit+.

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