Android Apps for Guitar

If you’re like me, and you should be, you own guitars and an Android device and you want to try an Android guitar app.

Android is a little behind iOS in terms of apps for guitar, however the scene is starting to grow and will get better with time.

Here are a few Guitar Android Apps you may find interesting:

Robotic Guitarist Free

A chord guide, Tuner, Metronome, and guitar emulator.

It always helps to have a tuner in your pocket, but the acoustic guitar emulation is fun to play with when your guitar isn’t around – like when catching public transport.

Price: Free

Guitar Partner Pro

This is a tablature app.

As you can see from the picture, it shows you both the TAB and the fingering positions on the fretboard.

The Autoscroll function is a handy addition which allows the song to scroll along and keep up with your playing.

Price: €3.99


This not only works for guitar, but also the banjo and ukulele.

You can see how to finger chords in different tunings, and you can also do ‘reverse lookups’ where you enter the finger positions and it tells you what the chord is.

Price: €3.00

My Guitar

This is a fairly simple guitar playing app that gives you 4 frets to play with. One thing I like about it is that it does hammer on-off.

It doesn’t do a great deal more though – it has no recording feature, and unless you have very small fingers you’ll probably want a pad device or at least a 4″ screen.

Price: Free


This is a bit more sophisticated than some of the other apps and lets you play with many different guitar sounds from electric to classical.

It also has a chord library where you can add your own chords and it can also download lyrics from the internet. You can play along with jam tracks and you can record what you play.

Price: £2.49


This is a popular and free chromatic tuner.

gStrings is supported by advertising.

Price: Free

The following video is an example of extreme mobile guitar – it isn’t just an Android Guitar – this contraption uses Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile apps:

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<div class="cmt-sbj">Cool</div><div class='author-st'>Android Tech Tips</div>

Will ensure my brother gets this page, he’s struggling to find good software to support his guitar learning.

<div class="cmt-sbj">I'd like to recommend other</div><div class='author-st'>Harry</div>

I’d like to recommend other guitars. They are really well-made:
Electric Guitar
Classic Guitar

I'd like to recommend other
<div class="cmt-sbj">Android Guitar App</div><div class='author-st'>Fart Guitar</div>

Nice collection of cool guitar apps. While browsing for guitar android apps I even came to know one cool app name “Fart Guitar” that features flatulent notes as well as real guitar tones mixed. It guaranteed to bring a laugh to you and your friends while you make music.

Android Guitar App
<div class="cmt-sbj">JamGrid : Backtrack generator for guitar jam</div><div class='author-st'>Anselme LEBRUN</div>


I’ve created a new application called “JamGrid” that allows to auto-play a cool backtrack (drums, bass, rythm) based on the capture of a simple chord grid.
Once your chord grid is defined, just pick a musical style (rock, jazz, bossa, …) and the embedded automatic harmonizer will play the backtrack accordingly.

Then, let’s go for hours of jam and improvisation !

Please have a look at it. It’s totally free !

JamGrid : Backtrack generator for guitar jam

Thanks for sharing your app, quite nifty for guitarists with Android tablets or phones.

Cool App
<div class="cmt-sbj">Jimi</div><div class='author-st'>Patrick</div>

Now you have also Jimi Guitar and Jimi Tutor for your Android.

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