Android, iPhone and iPad Music Software for Guitarists

You can now find the latest Guitar software for the mobile platforms Android, iPhone and iPad on Hitsquads SMM

Here is some of the Guitar related software you'll find on SMM:


UPDATE: We have recently reviewed several Android Guitar Apps

  • TabDroid – Guitar tablature player and editor
  • Fretter – Chord finder for string-instruments including guitar, banjo and ukelele
  • RockOut – a virtual guitar


  • PocketGuitar – Turns your iPhone into a virtual guitar
  • Etude – Choose from hundreds of songs, hear and see how they should be played, and learn them yourself
  • Chordmaster – Puts a comprehensive library of more than 7,800 guitar chords in the palm of your hand


  • auto Guitar – Maps musical notes to lights on the fingerboard of a guitar
  • PocketGuitar – Turns your iPad into a virtual guitar
  • ProChords – Suggests chords for a chord progression based on 14000 hit songs

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